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  1. Re: 2016 could be the 3rd consecutive year to set a global heat record

    Poison to the rescue!
  2. Re: The First Major News Story You Remember

    On the national level, probably Hurricane Hugo. We moved from Charleston to Alabama a few weeks earlier, and my dad JUST left days earlier (he went back to be there for the movers). I was 7 at the...
  3. Re: Wal Mart Brawl Erupts - Four Arrested

    What we need is sensible canned food and baseball bat control laws.
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    Re: Gator Devours Toddler At Disney World

    According to the Georgia DNR:

    Athens is above the fall line, so there probably aren't any up here in the wild (and that farm was a few miles north of Athens) but who knows if some numbskull...
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    Re: Jersey Countdown to Gameday

    Wilbur Jackson:
    (side note: I was an early adopter of the Alabama Alumni Association tag in...
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    Re: Gator Devours Toddler At Disney World

    Yeah, this is what they told my wife, a UF Alumna, on day 1 of Freshman orientation. Walking on campus, a gator jumps out of Lake Alice (or anywhere else for that matter)? Run away as fast as you...
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    Funny: Re: Official Cartoon Thread

    A couple of favorites from my favorite cartoons:
  8. Poll: Re: Way too early presidential election poll

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    Re: Texas de Brazil

    The first one I ate at was when there was one (not TDB, but a Carnival de Brasil) at the IP Hotel/Casino in Biloxi. Fortunately I had a co-worker give me a heads up to not fill up on the salad bar,...
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    Re: Prayers for my sister

    Hey all. Unfortunately my nephew suffered some complications and wasn't able to pull through, passing away on April 9th at about 20 days old. (Sorry for the delayed update, it's been a bit of a...
  11. Poll: Re: Which win of the last two trips to Athens was the better?

    I think `08 was better because it signaled that we might, indeed, finally be back after that lean decade between Coaches Stallings and Saban.

    However, `15 is a personal favorite because I live in...
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    Prayers for my sister

    Hey sister had a baby (boy) this morning at a super early 26 weeks. He was born at 27 oz (so 1lb, 10/11 oz.). We knew this was a possibility last week when she was admitted to the hospital...
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    Re: Official Joke Thread

    Thought I recognized that muffler shop. Drove by it in Batesville many a time back in my Mississippi days going back and forth between Oxford and the Delta (Clarksdale, Cleveland, etc.).
  14. Link: Re: 2002 #10 Alabama vs. #14 LSU Highlights - Coach Saban opposite Rammer Jammer.

    Now that was a fun game to be at. Tailgated with some family friends who are LSU folks and had all the gumbo I could eat (it was cold and damp, so the gumbo really hit the spot that day). It was...
  15. Question: Re: Favorite Game From The 2015 Season? (ANY EXCEPT TITLE GAME!)

    Friend of mine here, after that game, said "Well, the rest of my Fall is free now."
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