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  1. Re: Student sent to principal's office for saying "Bless you" after someone sneezed

    We talked about that possibility at the office yesterday. I bet that there is more to this story.
  2. Re: Ann Coulter Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

    I figured the image would have been more like this:
  3. Re: A living pictorial representaion of the asininity and lucidity of the ludicrous.
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    Re: somewhat crappy news

    You'll be in my prayers for sure.
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    Re: Humans need not apply

    I had been thinking more in terms of the Cylons, but that works too.
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    Re: Humans need not apply

    I nominate audio for the best "that's what she said," opportunity to present itself in weeks, maybe months.
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    Re: I think I need a new TV

    UPS doesn't deliver on the weekend.
  8. Re: Robin Williams found dead in his Tiburon Cal. home

    I think each of these links has the s-word one time. Hopefully, considering the context and subject matter, that's not over the line for NS. If so, I apologize and understand the deletion. Both...
  9. Re: "I bought every pie to spite that whining brat"

    The story has too much language for TF, but search on "fart kid revenge story."
  10. Re: "I bought every pie to spite that whining brat"
  11. Re: Man and his wife discover they are brother and sister (Not in Florida)

    I guess that makes it tough to complain about your MIL.
  12. Re: Report: Ole Miss May Not Be Known As "Ole Miss" Much Longer

    Oh, that's an actual article. I was expecting it to be something published by The Onion.
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    Re: What are you reading right now (II)?

    I just finished The Last Season by Eric Blehm. It is about the disappearance and search for a Yosemite NP backcountry ranger.

    I just started Typee by Herman Melville.
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    Re: App State to Play at Bama on December 21

    I wouldn't mind watching them play at App State. A pre-game meal at the Daniel Boone Inn would be great. I'm teasing about going there to watch the game, but I do truly love the Boone/Blowing Rock...
  15. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #24 - OG , Montel McBride****

    That photo reminds me of Fletch....How about Fletch? "He's actually 6'5", with the afro 6'9........"
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