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  1. Re: *** 2017 S Xavier McKinney (Roswell, GA) Commits to Bama ***

    Noticed his profile had him projected 100% to UGA. Expect a lot of tough recruiting battles with CKS
  2. Re: How teams like Alabama convince 5-star recruits to commit and sit on the bench

    A starter, and star, on the football team at Slippery Rock is popular with the pretty girls at Slippery Rock. That is what some kids are interested in, even some that could possibly make it to the...
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    Re: January 21-23 Recruiting Weekend Visitor List

    Watched it on TV. Commentators said, and it looked like, there was a big crowd. Saw the players but don't know where the recruits were.
  4. Re: With most of the Juniors Staying - How does that affect us in Recruiting?

    Don't we have a good many graduated players leaving this year.....more than usual?
  5. Re: ILB Jaquan Yulee Updates (No Longer Committed to Bama)

    Only the very confident are going to want to be in the competition for PT on team that is annually competing for championships and is 3-4 deep in elite talent. The ones who do have the confidence...
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    Re: ole miss recruiting

    If the conference commissioner and a prominent HC from another school in that conference got together and worked with the ncaa to set them up they would take action.
  7. Re: ILB Jaquan Yulee

    Maybe the kid just wants to feel the love for the time left before NSD. There is still a chance he signs with Bama if he makes the grades.
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    Re: Satellite Camps coming to a city near you

    When CNS starts outworking other HC's to the point of getting more top recruits from those camps they will be the spring visits and evaluations were.
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    Re: "Cost of Attendance" inequality

    Makes one wonder how many times "typo's" will add an extra zero to the checks of Cam Newton type players.
    Seriously, how can they even consider letting some schools promise recruits $5k and other...
  10. Link: Re: 3 star in-state LB to walk on Alabama football team

    Don't think he is counted against the 85 unless/until he is put on scholarship........the 105??
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    Re: The Final Push: Where We Stand 2/2

    So long as Bama wins a lot more than it loses I will enjoy following.......whether it is games or recruiting. The joy clearly surpasses the disappointments. Hard to improve on #1.
    I realize we...
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    CNS's frankness and honesty gets him consistent top 5 (better) recruiting classes but his honesty and frankness also cost him some good talent who listen to other recruiters who whisper sweet...
  13. Re: ATH Kerryon Johnson Commits to Auburn (Update: Page 6)

    Would take a lot less punishment as a DB in the pros, play a lot longer and therefore make more money.
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    Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***

    "Pocket (Pro style) Passer with exceptional ability to extend plays with his feet/legs". He is rated high as both a pro style and a duel threat QB.
  15. Re: Dismissed UGA football player to take official visit to Alabama

    i'm sure the young man knows what he stands to lose if he doesn't stay straight at Bama. Sometimes the kids that make a bad mess up will end up being better football players and better citizens...
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