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    Re: 2 Cellos - Thunderstruck!!

    Cool. This version is very impressive too:
  2. Re: UK Krispy Kreme apologizes for KKK promotion - Krispy Kreme Klub

    I think I found a picture of "her" for you:
  3. Re: Sesquicentennial: Sherman occupies Columbia, South Carolina

    It's Gervais Street, and the Publix is built in what used to be a Confederate mint, which produced Confederate money. It is cool to visit the State House and see where the Yankee cannonballs struck....
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    Re: Carmax or Drivers Way?

    I've had 2 experiences with Carmax. The first time was when trying to sell a car. Took it to Carmax first, and they offered about $1500 more than the dealer as a trade. I thought I could do...
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    Re: A new way to get a day off from work

    Edit: never mind
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    Game Thread Re: ****Super Bowl Game Thread****

    It wasn't Katy Perry. It was me. I had Seattle 1 and the Pats 8 on my squares. I never win things like this.
  7. Re: Will the Oregon loss slow down the proliferation of HUNH offenses?

    IDK, but maybe it'll bring back power running with an effective passing game combined with great defense. OSU tonight looked a lot like Bama circa 2009-2012.
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    I was hoping for a Duck win, and as bad as it's been here in South Ohio/Carolina for the past week, their fans are going to manage to be even more insufferable. But OSU just pounded the Ducks on...
  9. Re: Can we expect any "surprise" teams in the SEC next year?

    In the West, I'd have to go with Arkansas and Auburn, although neither would really be that much of a surprise. That said, I still think the West runs through Bama and LSU. Ole Miss will be tough...
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    Re: Who are you pulling for in the NC game?

    I'm not really pulling for anybody, but let's just say I'd only pull for OSU if they were playing Notre Dame or somehow an OSU victory would help Bama.
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    Question: Re: So, how do you feel about a 4 team playoff now?

    Under the BCS, I think it would have been Bama playing FSU for the crytal trophy. As it turns out, neither are deserving and now a better team will win it. In that regard, I like the playoff even...
  12. Re: Ohio State is built like an SEC team and some random thoughts.....

    Why the blue font? That's a pretty accurate statement. 2014 SEC is clearly deficient.
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    Re: A bit ashamed and a lot disgusted....

    I'm not surprised. It's hard to find a worse fan base than OSU. Unfortunately, the last few Bama games I attended weren't any better. That's why I gave up going to games. I'm not a prude, but I...
  14. Re: Ohio State is built like an SEC team and some random thoughts.....

    I think we've lost our way. We used to be the most physical team on the field. We're not anymore.
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    Re: A bit ashamed and a lot disgusted....

    That said, I'll hear it tomorrow. SC is overrun with OSU fans. I guess they realized that Ohio sucks and they all moved down here. Anyway, I hope the Ducks crush them. I hate OSU almost as much...
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