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    Re: Fran Phony plays Idaho next week.

    How I miss reading "Kim's Corner"...

    But his tenure at Texas A&M did offer this legacy.
  2. Re: Where to watch Alabama Football in Orange County, CA???

    The easiest way would be via Watch ESPN - either the phone app or here:

    But is you want to have some fun, join the Alabama Alumni group at Rock & Reilly's Irish Pub....
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    Game Thread Re: Ole Miss vs. Arky

    What a game! College football is so much more entertaining than NFL.
  4. Re: LSU's Fournette looking forward to Alabama

    Another angle (with slo mo).
  5. Re: Funny Momment in the Game: Lane Kiffin Blocks Nick Saban from calling Timeout

    Agreed. I think it has something to do with Kiffin's previous head coaching experience (NFL and college). He's been the top dog more than once, and I think, somehow, Saban respects that. So Kiffin...
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    Re: Toledo Upsets Arky 16-12

    I know, but... TOLEDO?!!! 😜
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    Re: Toledo Upsets Arky 16-12

    This was a total shocker to me. I thought Arky was turning the corner this year. Instead they just steered into the ditch.
  8. Re: Fall Practice News

    I own a couple of drones (and sometimes acquire footage on a professional basis).

    Using a consumer drone for "spy" purposes would be problematic. Today's drones are fairly noisy and not terribly...
  9. Re: Rare vintage video footage - Alabama celebrating the 1925 Rose Bowl win

    Remarkable footage. I've seen a lot of historical Alabama football film, but this was new to me. Thanks for posting!
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    Link: Re: The sad, sad Keith McCants story...

    A sad tale indeed. Burning through 18 million (in early 1990s dollars, no less) so quickly is almost unfathomable.

    Shane Wasden.
  11. Re: Saddam's hanging rope has been bid for $7M

    Bidding for Coach Fran's "Hold the Rope" sign has reached $0.70...
  12. Re: Former FB Kyle Bennett speaks about Fran and Shula on local radio show.

    The Shula introductory press conference was so bad, it was grounds for his immediate dismissal. :biggrin:

    I have seen better prepared public speakers in high school English class. I was kind of...
  13. Re: Tenpenny and Faciane no longer with the team

    Hopefully he will land at a program where he'll experience success. It worked out well for Dee Hart. Best of luck to him.
  14. Re: Paterno to get his 111 vacated wins restored

    Meanwhile, OJ is still searching for the real killer...
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    Game Thread Re: Oregon v.s. Ohio State for the Title

    What really stings is that I think Bama also would've easily beaten the Ducks. The real national championship game was in New Orleans.

    Congrats to the Buckeyes.
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