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    Re: Jalston Fowler to the Titans

    Big Jalston fan here. He has a tremendous and multiple skill set the Titans will soon see. Curious--how did he get the nickname "Nudie"? Thanks in advance for the answer I will get.
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    Re: Tide in the NFL: Week 15

    I sure appreciate your updates and the time you take to compile them, rangertau. Reading through box scores is not my thing.
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    Re: My Spring Preview of the Tide.

    VERY nice read, Bamaslammer!! Just what I needed to get rid of some winter blahs. I look forward to future posts from you. Quick grammatical note..............One of my favorite quotes comes from...
  4. Question: Re: Just for fun: pick your favorite player in this class and why

    Dominick Jackson--absolute mauler of an offensive tackle who is genuinely excited to cross the country and play for Bama. He set a goal of 15 or so pancakes blocks per game and achieved it. Really...
  5. Re: Possible Changes to UT's Horrible Orange Color - They Agree with Nike on Apparel

    Real men don't wear orange especially UT's version.
  6. JessN: Re: Recruiting: Alabama planning for 2015 with 2014 class choices

    As always, Jess an excellent analysis. Your posts are the only ones where I immediately stop and read with great anticipation. You are appreciated!!
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    Re: Sunseri Appreciation

    Vinnie--you are one of my favorite players as you make the absolute best of your athletic abilities and combine that with a true nose for the ball. I know that if you are on the field good things...
  8. News Article: Re: Andrew Steele and his life after basketball

    Thanks for posting. Andrew Steele is a winner both on and off the court. Proud to have him associated with our fine university.
  9. Re: Montravius Adams Says He Almost Signed With Bama

    Think of what Mr. Adams will be able to tell his grandchildren...."I could have played for the best and would have earned some NC rings but I settled for less and played for, at best, an average team...
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    Re: Walk of Champions update...

    Looks like we will soon need a second deck to list all those NCs.
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    Re: Kenny Bell Begins Rehabbing

    Kenny--you have made a ton of big plays during your Bama career. We look forward to seeing many more from you next year. Here's to your full and complete recovery. RTR.
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    Re: Aggie Fan saying Roll Tide Roll!

    Thanks Kerr Dog for the well wishes. Texas A & M is an excellent addition to the SEC. Welcome aboard and here's to a respectful rivalry for the years to come. I just wish the Longhorns had won a...
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    Re: Regarding Auburn and Chizik...

    WOW--yet another variation of the "we are so young" mindset. Only in Aubarn do you see such mentality.
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    Re: Living in Baton Rouge post BCSNCG

    I live in Shreveport and saw a purple and gold bumper sticker that said "Don't blame me, I would have played Lee"--this beatdown would affect LSU for a LONG time!!! They may never get over it.
  15. Re: Basketball - Crimson Tide in the NBA Update - Feb. 3

    Thanks for the 'Bama NBA update, reporter. I am not a NBA fan but like to see what our guys do at this next level. Our local paper seldom gives any type of stats for the west coast teams so I...
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