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    Re: Program deserves better.

    Got swept today.
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    I think he did lose yardage, once, in the USC game. (The one we lost, in B'ham.)
  3. Re: Jameis Winston Says Stolen Crab Legs Were Given to Him

    Publix says something to the contrary:

    Since they conducted an internal...
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    Re: 5 year W-L record.

    So, explain to me again why we had to extend his contract, mid-season? It was so imperative that we could not wait until the end of the season to do it?
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    Re: "Experts" rank the best SEC college towns

    I'll second that.
  6. Re: Nick Saban - the Mercedes Benz Stunt Driver

    LSU Freak.
  7. News Article: Re: Men's Golf Maintains Three-Stroke Lead Through Two Rounds of SEC Championship

    Horrible 3rd round of 10 over drops us to a 4th place tie with API.

    LSU ends up winning, over Vandy, despite going +1, for the day. Vandy had the lead most of the day, but slipped at the end, to...
  8. Re: It's sad that there is little to no interest in Alabama Softball

    Wondering the same thing myself.
  9. Re: It's sad that there is little to no interest in Alabama Softball

    Almost swept 'em..................
  10. Re: WWII: European Theater daily - 1944 (was Normandy Daily)

    Funny that you should mention that...............

    I found out, a few short years ago, and much too late, that my godmother's husband was shot down over The Netherlands. A Dutch family hid his crew...
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    Re: Moore's Law turns 50

    I still design PCBs on the DOS s/w I bought, for $1100, back in '88.

    The new version runs over $11k, plus a yearly upgrade fee. Overkill for the jobs I do. And a major pain to use. Not to mention...
  12. Re: NBC News lying on air repeatedly and knowing it

    Now I remember why I don't read NS very often. You do realize that you can only watch Fox News if you have "cable TV", right? Any idiot can watch the network news, on any TV they own. (And see the...
  13. Re: WWII: European Theater daily - 1944 (was Normandy Daily)

    I hope no will object a personal diversion, in this excellent running account, of the events folowing the Normandy Invasion.

    Many soldiers, who fought in the European theater, have reported the...
  14. Re: When will the crimson/white rosters be announced?

    At least one guy from Texas. Didn't have to read the roster to know that one.
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    Re: 2015 Spring Practice Thread

    Interesting that Coker and Morris are on one team, and the other 3 are on the other team.
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