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    Re: HaHa tweets a nice compliment to CNS

    He is giving credit to Saban for what the whole world is finding out, he is a complete player. I do find that being humble. He is not taking the credit he is giving credit to his Coach.
  2. Re: I think I need to take a step back from football

    Thank you all, good to know i am in good company. I took last years A&M loss horribly bad. Doing better this time.
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    Re: What Bowl Game Will We Get

    That was my thought as well
  4. Link: Re: Wasn't sure on AJ for Heisman until I read this article

    You know the biggest sign to me that he should win is the length of time it has been since we have seen a thread talking about how good our backup QB is. It used to be the backup QB was the most...
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    Re: Just how fast is O.J. Howard

    I kept saying as he was running "tuck the ball!" I just knew he was going to be tackled and did not want a fumble by a DB coming up behind him. Needless to say that was not necessary!!!!I never...
  6. Re: It's amazing what people see when they watch a football game. (Last nights game)

    Well, even that does not bode well for them....17-14 at the half. Although it did not seem like it, we only trailed for a few minutes after their first TD. So to sum up in their minds, they out...
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    Re: Report: Vinnie Sunseri Out for Season

    I can't remeber for sure shich game it was in 2011 maybe the Penn State Game, but the block that he threw as a true freshman where he launched himself and sprung Maze on a punt return I think was...
  8. Re: Question concerning Sunseri, ST's, and injuries

    If I am not mistaken VS is a Junior. So even if he cannot return this year, He hopefully could for next year. He is hands down my favorite player. Prayers for a quick and complete recovery.
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    Re: Nick Saban show question?

    He was happy because Cyrus had played that play wrong on the previous drive giving up a first down and CNS had talked with him about it on the sideline. So when Cyrus played it right he was excited...
  10. JessN: Re: Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Arkansas

    Recovering from an ankle injury the previous week.
  11. Link: Re: Ha Ha Clinton Dix suspended for violation of team rules, Saban says

    And what factual information are you basing your bet on? Seems the only hint of severity is his prescence at practice. I am no expert on NCAA rules but abscence from practice would lead me down that...
  12. Re: Are you guys cool with Oregon guys posting here? Many more probably will come...

    I don't post often but i like polite quality input from other team's fans, so welcome aboard.
  13. News Article: Re: 'Dad, that was the best 51 seconds of my life.'

    I bet the 51 seconds in last years LSU game might have surpassed that for AJ by now!
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    Re: Fluker says TJ almost didn't score

    My thoughts exactly, to me that third down play was the biggest play that gets very little attention!
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    Link: Re: 10 greatest plays in Tide history

    Yes, to me the play before was much more impactful, 3rd and 6 and Yeldon was hit square in the backfield and managed to break free and gain the first down by 6". Without that gutsy, determined play...
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