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  1. Re: Jeopardy! takes cheap shot at Notre Dame's 2013 BCS title performance

    If only Colt wouldn't have gotten hurt. Wait...that was the other media darling we beat for a title. ;)
  2. Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: Mississippi State

    I've been hearing "this is our year" from them for 25 years now (how long we've lived in MS).
  3. Re: Ever Been To The Gym Where Hooiser's Was Shot?

    We lived in IN back in the late 80s. Love the movie! 2 quick stories about IN hoops.

    1) one year we were up there, the IU Hoosiers actually had a shot at making the Rose Bowl late in the...
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    Link: Re: 45th anniv of moon landing 7/20/2014

    I had one of those early in HS (which is statement #687 that proves I'm old ;) ), but then got my 1st calculator. The very good math teacher I had tried hard to make us learn the intricacies of the...
  5. Re: DC Circuit Deals Potentially Fatal Blow to Obamacare

    Simple: Narrative + upcoming elections.
  6. Re: Microsoft slashing 18K jobs or 14% of workforce

    These days, a significant % of jobs landed are landed via networking. I've seen estimates up in the 70-80% range.
  7. Re: Microsoft slashing 18K jobs or 14% of workforce

    Networking's great, unless you're then everyone else is seeking to connect with, huh? ;)

    Seriously, 18K is a pretty serious cutback! All the best to your friends @ MS.
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    Link: Re: Tennesssee's new mascot

    This seems appropriate to add to the thread. Oldie but goodie; I haven't stopped laughing at it yet. "It ain't that orange you can sit with..." :biggrin2:

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    Link: Re: Tennesssee's new mascot

    We're looking at this all wrong. If all the Vol fans dressed like their mascot, there'd be that much less orange in whatever stadium they're in at the time. So, thanks for that? ;)
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    Re: McElroy commentary on ESPN...

    I heard his comments & knew with absolute certainty that there'd be a big firestorm in response. Essentially, "Someone in the media said something not fawning about Bama! I'm outraged. And worse,...
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    Re: RIP Johnny Winter
    Dust My Broom, as performed on the Letterman
    "Rock & Roll Hoochie Coo" on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert in...
  12. Re: Microsoft slashing 18K jobs or 14% of workforce

    Those evil, greedy, capitalist pi...wait, I'm confused. Is Microsoft one of the good guys or one of the bad guys? It's so hard to keep the narrative straight any more.
  13. Re: Found this video. Take a look at Bryant Denny in 1985. Wow what a difference

    I'm so old that I was in attendance at the game as a grad student. ;) Fun stuff! I still vividly recall that 1st play when the Biscuit dropped Pres. Thomas.

    IIRC (for you youngsters), BDS seated...
  14. Re: Your Mount Rushmore - The Crimson Tide Version

    Wait, GP...are you suggesting that there's history from, like, before I was even born? And said history might be important? I'll need a minute to get my mind around this. ;)

    Great list, btw.
  15. Re: Those to Whom This Video Applies--You Know Who You Are

    Shoot fire...I done mastered grammar. You ain't got not nary reason to council us righters hear on Tidefans about how all of we youse the language. I mean, sometimes I loose a thought or forget to...
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