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  1. Re: Perry rejects Obama's "offer" to shake hands on the tarmac at Austin on Wednesday

    Really? But he was hilarious in Madea Goes to Jail.
  2. Re: Costco removes "America" from its shelves and is getting blasted

    What an odd thing to call a person as an insult... "Progressive."

    "You love Progress... jerk."

    I'm not saying I like the policies, but I'm not sure a person calling me "progressive" would raise...
  3. Re: Costco removes "America" from its shelves and is getting blasted

    Outraged, sure.

    Inconvenienced? Never.
  4. Re: Calvin Ridley's one handed catch at the Opening

  5. Link: Re: Chart: Kiffin as a play-caller compared to the Alabama offense

    Interesting point, though...

    Lane Kiffin has not been an Offensive Coordinator since 2009.
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    Saints Row 4

    Interesting tidbit:

    The 3rd female voice, where the accent appears to be southern african american, will occasionally yell out (after she blows something up) - "Roll Tide!"

    Seriously :)
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    Link: Re: The 2015 QB Dominoes Continue to Fall

    I guess? I don't think we're gunning for two QBs this year, regardless - though I imagine if he committed, we'd find a slot for him somewhere. I'm basing my assumption, btw, on the fact that when...
  8. Re: Salt Lake City cop on leave for refusing to work Pride parade

    He refused to do his job. This is not surprising.
  9. Link: Re: Check Out What's Going on at the Midpoint of Alabama's First Summer Football Camp

    Agreed - also, was surprised to see him go through his receiver progression. That's uncommon in a QB that young.
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    Re: 2014 Pre-Season SEC SIDs Superlatives List

    Wow... how sorry is the shape of the SEC QBs that Nick Marshall is considered the second best passer in the league?
  11. Re: 2 12 year old girls in Wisconsin stab classmate 19 times

    People need to teach their children to understand fantasy from reality.

    Did people blame Lovecraft, or Poe, or Shakespeare? We live in a hyper-information age, and the constant news cycle fills...
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    Re: Alabama Offers 4* Dual-Threat QB Travis Waller

    Oddly, his top two schools have not offered (per 247) - Ohio State and Oregon.

    Honestly, considering both of those schools are basically telling him, "Yeah, we know of you kid - but we're gonna...
  13. Re: 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series Bracket

    Game over!

    Bama wins 6-2.
    Jaclyn Traina - 1H, 1ER, 9SO in 7 innings
    3-run HR from Peyton Grantham
    2-run HR from Jadyn Spencer

    Next up: Kentucky
  14. Re: 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series Bracket

    Side note - the NCAA website already has Oklahoma in the winner bracket ;p
  15. Re: 2014 NCAA Women's College World Series Bracket

    Oklahoma down to their last series. Still 6-2, good guys lead.
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