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  1. Re: Will the losing coaches do TV commentary on the title game?

    I think that would be very interesting - and most likely be much more accurate and pertinent than most of the drivel coming from the "professional" talking heads. :)

    As for Helfrich, I haven't...
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    Re: Greatest Comeback in Football History

    My brother-in-law went to John Tyler - the high school that won the game - and showed this to me years ago. I really cracked up the first time I heard it when the one announcer goes "break out the...
  3. Re: Former Marine found dead after murdering 5 of his family members (former family)

    If he was suffering from PTSD due to his time as a Marine and wasn't given proper treatment for it then his being a former Marine is relative. Otherwise, it's no more relevant than the rest of his...
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    Re: January Bowl Stats Show SEC Dominance

    One interesting thing of note is that, across all of these categories, there is a fairly consistent delineation between the relative strength of the conferences.

    1. Across the board, the SEC is...
  5. Re: Alabama family captures intruders after passing them on the street

    Actually, I think it was "Where's the big, fat chick?" :biggrin:

    I like how the very first thing you hear in that video was "Gotcha!", though my favorite line was her last... "Smile, b...,...
  6. Re: Oregon State Takes Out Ad Congratulating Mariotta on Heisman - Classy Move!

    Am I the only one to whom it stood out that the very first line reminds Oregon that Oregon State had a player win the Heisman Trophy 52 years before they did?

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    Re: Favorite Moments of the Gruber Hearing?

    That's not too bad of an idea, actually.

    I had to alter my original, theoretical idea for voter restriction a while back. I used to half-jokingly espouse IQ-based voter restrictions, until I...
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    Re: Favorite Moments of the Gruber Hearing?

    I've long been at least a closet-fan of knowledge-based voting. Perhaps something like putting five true/false questions underneath each candidate's name regarding specific statements they've made...
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    Re: Favorite Moments of the Gruber Hearing?

    One of Staci's favorite authors. :)

    It's from Starship Troopers, an excellent novel which - surprise, surprise - Hollywood butchered.
  10. News Article: Re: Alabama Punter JK Scott Making an Impact in Year 1

    That play - which was an amazing play for a punter - was unfortunately the punt that dropped him from second to third in the nation in punting average and dropped Bama from first to second in the...
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    Re: Cam Newton injured in a car accident.

    On the other hand, if anyone was going to be laying on the ground with two broken legs - and smiling - it would probably be him. ;)
  12. Re: Swastikas found on Hanukkah wrapping paper

    You guys think you're so punny, don't you?
  13. JessN: Re: SECCG wrap-up: Tigers canít play spoiler to Bamaís storybook run


    I thought that was an excellent comparison.
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Mizzou - Game Thread****

    I assume that means they agree it was targeting?
  15. Re: SECCG Inside-The-Numbers Prediction (Statistical Differential Analysis)

    Ah, good catch, thanks! I've corrected it.
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