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    Re: What is Kenny Bell Doing?

    not surprising since he came very close to leaving the team due to personal family matters awhile back. so glad he change his mind and finished out his solid career at Alabama. good luck Kenny and...
  2. Re: What would be your choice for the first game of the season - if not W.V.?

    Bama119 just saw your post on auburn. Agreed!!!
  3. Re: What would be your choice for the first game of the season - if not W.V.?

    I am surprise no one said auburn..
    I have been wanting them in our first 5 games of the season for the longest time.
    With all the bad water under the bridge and animosity between the 2 schools, an...
  4. Re: *** DE / LB Christian Bell Commits to Alabama ***

    Bell had a solid showing in his 1st game against good competition. Glad to have on him on board. If he continues this upward trend, look for him to earn his 4 * star.
  5. Re: 2016 DE / DT Benito Jones Flips from Alabama, Commits to Ole Miss


    Thx for the clarification. Somehow I thought he did.
  6. Re: 4* OLB Joshua McMillon Announces Today

    aerospace engineering will be his major at UA to boot!!
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    Link: Re: Bama Trending with Top 2015 Targets

    he will look good in Crimson. ;)
  8. Re: 2016 DE / DT Benito Jones flips to Ole Miss

    Anthony Steen seems to be left out of the discussion whenever Bama fans recalled a player from Mississippi who has contributed to our success. the man was just drafted too... ;)
  9. Re: Per BOL Ledbetter flipped to ga today.

    Surprised it took this long...
  10. Re: *** Raekwon Davis Commits to Alabama ***

    excuse me for not getting excited. happy he is interested in Alabama and I will leave it at that.
  11. Re: 2015 4* Hoover LB Darrell Williams Updates

    I don't think Lewis was coming back to Bama either way, that ship has sail. as I mentioned in the Lewis thread, he isn't leaving the state of Mississippi.
  12. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #20 - LB, Keith Holcombe****

    Reggie Ragland had nothing but high praise for Keith Holcomb after Thursday's practice. He called him a stud and a guy to keep a close eye on.
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    Re: Wednesday August 6 Practices Updates

    CNS mentioned Black, Stewart and Robert Foster as young WRs really stepping up during Fall practice thus far and had high praise for Cooper, White, and Jones as leaders in this amazing WR corp....
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    Re: GREAT Article on Courtney Upshaw

    Reading the comment section, Jarrett Johnson still gets much love from Baltimore fans !!
    now Upshaw getting the recognition he deserves.
    next will be Moseley. Ravens sure do love them Bama LBs...
  15. Re: JUCO RB Jovon Robinson Commits to Auburn (Page 4)

    Robinson just told auburn undercover that he is " solid " to auburn and doesn't know where all these rumors of him flipping to Alabama are coming from.
    Lol!! Someone is lying here....
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