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  1. Re: Another fatal shooting by police caught on camera

    While I would never condone shooting the police, this is what America is coming too, when the "Powers That Be" decided a Militarized police force was needed in our country..Encounters with the police...
  2. Re: What is everyone doing to contain your excitement for this weekend?

    Legally or Illegally????..LOL..J/K
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    Link: Re: Trent's gone per Scout

    It has happened to man Bama Player's once the entering the NFL after playing for The Tide(Coach Saban In Particular)..It's like the don't play with the same passion, put in the extra time in the...
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    Re: Pick the score: Wisconsin vs. Alabama

    33-10 Bama
  5. Re: Will Alabama really and truly be a contender this year?

    As long as Coach Saban & "The Process" is at Bama, and his Boy's are buying into his style of play & "Process", Bama will be in or right out of the NC talk ever single year he's...
  6. Re: Saban's 2015 New Gameplan - We score A LOT, you punt a lot

    Exactly..And what's burned my backside is when we ran a true HUNH type offense & Blake or whoever our starter was at that time, we would stop using it & go back to our ground n pound offense, which...
  7. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    If we handed the ball off every down & an occasion quic hitter over the middle to keep D's honest, we would still be in the hunt for a NC..Running the ball is what this football program was built on...
  8. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    I honestly think our coaches know who our starter ill be, they're using this time to keep that competitive fire lit up in our QB's until game-time & it keeps The Badger's guessing as well..It's a win...
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    Re: Pick'em group

    Thought I'd take it back to the top for that hasn't done so & would like to do so & being able to join both our groups available to do so..
  10. Re: Which coach have you hated losing to the most?

    Phat Phil for what the fat .... tried doing & damn near succeeded, at least he lived to see the the Tide turn those plans around & almost it it was him that suffered way more than us..No Malzahn gets...
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    Re: Pick'em group

    This season is creeping up faster & faster so sign up if y'all wanna play Pick 'Em with us..
  12. Re: Steve Sarkisian Apologizes for Behavior at Trojans Kickoff Event

    Dude is lucky Coach Price didn't invite him to Destin among buds..LOL
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    Re: QB battle at Scrimmage #2...

    He's always reminded me of G-Mac when I've seen Alec run our offense, nothing flashes, does his job & has the arm to hit those short to medium yard passes, that keeps the D honest of our running...
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    Re: Pick'em group

    Bumbper 'er back TTP in case anyone else wants to join up that hasn't ... of yet..More that plays the more fun we have..
  15. Re: The University has asked for media silence on practice

    I'm truly hoping that we have our starting QB & Coach Saban is going to makes us all guess who it will be..Including "The Badger's"..I'd rather it be that way anyways myself..
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