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  1. News Article: Re: Former CFO on food stamps after controversial viral video about Chick-Fil-A

    Yeah, he was rude and obnoxious and this wound is completely self-inflicted. He filmed it and he posted it.

    If you object to a corporation's policy, feel free to not patronize them. But don't...
  2. Re: Proposed constitutional amendment on the natonal debt.

    Nope. My two favorite political figures were John Taylor of Caroline and John Randolph of Roanoke. Taylor died in 1824 and Randolph in 1833.
  3. Re: Proposed constitutional amendment on the natonal debt.

    Boehner is not my favorite politician. (All my favorites are dead.)
    It will be funny when people realize that an Article V convention will change the way business is conducted in Washington, and...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Eric Clapton
    I want to join Joycelyn Elders in wishing Eric...
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    Re: GPS told man to drive off bridge

    On start-up, mine tells me not to do anything unsafe and that if the GPS tells me to do something that reality shows not to be feasible, not to do it.
    Or something like that. Sorry the guy's wife...
  6. Re: Proposed constitutional amendment on the natonal debt.

    That would be a win-win, wouldn't it?
  7. Re: Proposed constitutional amendment on the natonal debt.

    I believe that the Old Dominion will join in the not-too-distant future.
    The General Assembly has a Republican majority.
    I'm not sure out carpetbagger governor can stop them.
  8. Re: Proposed constitutional amendment on the natonal debt.

    Last week, North Dakota passed a call for a convention of the states to draft amendments (or an amendment) to the Constitution.
    27 states have now done so. When 34 states make such a call, Congress...
  9. Re: Australia considering taxing bank deposits

    Yeah, that'll be great for the economy.
  10. Re: Obama Administration Executive Action (again).

    We'll see the Chamber of Commerce Republicans either (a) being absolutely silent on this or (b) endorsing it.
  11. Re: Two national leaders make controversial statements, what do you do?

    It appears The One aspires to rewrite JFK's formula:
    The One wishes to "support any foe, oppose any friend to assure the demise and the failure of liberty."
  12. Obama Administration Executive Action (again).

    Alabama alum Byron York reports that the Obama Administration has used unilateral executive action (again) to expand a visa program known as the L-1B program for multinational corporations with...
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    Re: Geno Smith Arrested

    Yeah, I would think a judge would have a great sense of humor about a young man getting his second DUI.
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    Link: Re: Ted Cruz websites

    The point of the "silly question"* as you label it was that if one were to survey the faculty at Liberty University, Patrick Henry College, Hillsboro College, Grove City College, and Brigham Young...
  15. Re: WWII: European Theater daily - 1944 (was Normandy Daily)

    I used to call August 9th "Japanese Slow Learning Day" with my students.
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