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    Re: Does Gus leave after this?

    I agree with this.

    And Gus is not going anywhere.
  2. Re: My thought on Auburn/Alabama game this weekend

    I expect to see Bama hand out a whoop'in!
  3. Re: Dee Hart with six touchdowns against New Mexico

    Good for Dee and good for Coach Mac. I'm very proud of both of these men. I wish them both continued success.
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    Re: Why I really hate about Gary Danielson

    I've never had a problem with Danielson. He's very knowledgeable and he knows the game. I have to be honest, overall he is very complementary of Alabama. There is no doubt he likes Alabama and has...
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    Re: Loss may end up being good thing....

    We will lose at least two, three more games this year.
  6. Re: Ole Miss fans storming the field after the game.

    Every time a team beats Alabama they storm the field. Ole Sis fans running on to the field after the game today shouldn't be a surprise.
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    Re: Ole Miss/Blake question

    ^ This. ^

    With all due respect to Ole Sis..... I mean Ole Miss. It's not like we're going to be visiting Baton Rouge on a Saturday night.
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    Re: Tony Brown appreciation

    I'm not really stepping out on a limb when I say this, but Tony Brown is three and done as far as Alabama is concerned. Tony will be playing in the NFL after his junior year in Tuscaloosa.
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    Re: Why FAU lost to Nebraska

    He should step away from the crack pipe.
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    Re: The viles have reached a new low...

    Dooley will certainly not go down in Vile history as a shining star, but anyone that knows anything about Vile Football knows Phat Phil recruited poorly his last couple of years at UcheaT. Dooley...
  11. Poll: Re: Your "Most Appreciated" Saban National Championship Team

    Without question the 2009 team. This was our first national championship since 1992. Of the national championship teams at Alabama under Saban the '09 team was the least talented overall although...
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    Re: That 2011 defense and the draft

    The 2011 defense is the best college defense I've ever seen. I never thought I would be saying that after seeing the '92 defense.
  13. Re: Aj McCarron

    I've never seen AJ as anything but a back-up in the NFL. There's nothing wrong with that type of work if you can get it. Also I think AJ has an air about him. I can see the cockiness. I think we...
  14. Link: Re: Class of 2016 5-star LB Caleb Kelly (Fresno, CA)

    I realize we've gotten a couple of them but when it comes to the kids from California I will believe they are coming to Bama when they actually sign their letter of intent. 2016 is a long, long way...
  15. Re: What It Means to Beat Bama - OU as Preseason #1 in '14

    I agree with you.
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