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  1. Re: Question - Tide Pride Sugar Bowl/National Championship game tickets

    Wow! AT&T Stadium holds over 100k, so more than 60,000 seats at the game will go to non-season ticket holders? I somehow slipped in when we went to Pasadena a few years ago (figuring larger stadium,...
  2. Re: I think Florida State would give us the biggest problems.

    I'm in the camp that says Oregon will give Bama the most problems.
    HOWEVER ... Auburn managed to figure them out and shut them down pretty well a few years back, so I am confident Alabama can and...
  3. Re: What does it mean when people say "we must learn to "STOP" the HUNH offenses"?

    Frustrating as it is, IMO it means bend-don't-break.
    When Alabama had them on short field situations, they held really well - including/especially the stand at the 5.
    Last night was a good first...
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    Re: New BCS standings released

    I still think the Orange would be crazy to NOT take UCF and pack the joint vs. Clemson.
    Rose = Oregon vs Michigan State.
    Sugar = Alabama vs Auburn. Imagine the scene in New Orleans!

    Why not???...
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    Re: New BCS standings released

    That might just be a bigger ticket than the BCSNCG.
    Didn't UF and FSU rematch in the Sugar in the 90s?
    And wouldn't it make pretty good sense for the Orange to take in-state UCF to help pack the...
  6. Re: ESPN says Johnny footbal signed for 2 additional dealers

    Shouldn't be a problem.
    Johnny likely hasn't even seen a textbook since he's been at A&M. He is taking all his courses "online." Of course, just maybe it's his personal assistant doing all his...
  7. Re: Johnny Manziel investigated by NCAA

    I'll bet there's at least one filthy rich Daddy Warbuck supporter of a rival school who would pay a broker big rim cash to turn on poor picked-on Johnny. That's the big problem with dealing with ......
  8. Re: Johnny Manziel investigated by NCAA

    The moral of the story?
    Never trust an autograph broker looking to score new rims for his sled.
  9. Re: Johnny Manziel investigated by NCAA

    He's got a personal assistant. Lots of overhead to cover ... Johnny just keepin' it real for his peeps!
    Good grief ... Throw out the whole "athletes deserve to be paid" argument. This is pure Johnny...
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    Link: Re: Ohio State Unveils O-mazing New Facemasks

    I'd like to be lurking in a room where a group of supposedly intelligent people decided that this would be a good idea.
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    Re: Want to See Alabama Play in Ireland?

    Not particularly.
    I don't even "qualify" for SECCG tickets here in my own town of Atlanta.
    Just one more game far faaaaar out of my reach.
  12. Re: Hilarious season ticket offer from Tennessee

    Remember when Phil was gonna put Bama out of business? :cool:
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    Re: Howard's Rock at Clemson Vandalized

    Some people just have too much time occupying their little minds and hands.
    Sadly, crap like this gets turned on the rival. One nutjob like Harvey Updyke, for instance, and every news...
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    Re: Another nail in the coffin for Legion Field

    The last game I saw at Legion Field was the Mike DuBose debacle against Southern Miss in 2000. Now that I think about it, my FIRST Alabama game ever was also against Southern Miss - 1990 when Brett...
  15. Re: Deadspin is saying Te'o's girlfriend's death was a hoax created for publicity

    It's quite simple: because the media was complicit in the whole thing. Each reporter and journalist ran with a story without so much as checking the background. Slamming Te'o now for pulling scam on...
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