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  1. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    Don't forget that Sims didn't run the full offense until the Florida game, really. He threw tons of screens early, and it took a while before he was out there making all the throws.
  2. Re: 2015 Pre-Season All-SEC (as chosen by the SEC Media)

    In 2014 only 6 of the 1st team pre-season picks ended up making the team after the season. On defense they only got 3 right (I think). I imagine it'll be about as accurate this time.
  3. Link: Re: Opinion: Les Miles' Stance On Johnathan Taylor Is Hypocritical

    ...except there was no second incident. The girl recanted and admitted she lied about it because she was mad. It was unjust to kick Taylor out of school (not just off the team) because of a lie....
  4. Link: Re: Southern Miss has a New Logo Because Iowa Thought Old One was Trademark Infringem

    The Packers. Georgia asked permission to use it.
  5. Link: Re: Southern Miss has a New Logo Because Iowa Thought Old One was Trademark Infringem

    Lots of high schools "borrow" college or professional logos. Oftentimes the schools appropriate them without asking and nothing happens because no one cares. Some teams vigorously go after schools...
  6. Re: Excuse or Concern? Saban's Comments About NFL Draft

    I'm curious who he's talking about.

    You know, we hear about a lack of focus or leadership but never know who they're talking about.

    I doubt Amari was worried about NFL projections as he knew...
  7. Re: Colts Waive Trent Richardson/ Signs with Raiders

    Hopefully with his weight down he'll be more elusive like he was at Bama. I think a lot of us saw him as too bulked up in his 2nd and 3rd years in the NFL and it seems he understands how that...
  8. Re: Excuse or Concern? Saban's Comments About NFL Draft

    Saban usually has an idea or two he wants to present at media days. People usually see it as whining, but it gets national attention and a national discussion on it starts. Last year it was pace of...
  9. Link: Re: Southern Miss has a New Logo Because Iowa Thought Old One was Trademark Infringem

    Southern Miss has a golden eagle as their mascot. Iowa has a hawkeye, which isn't an actual animal at all. Their on field mascot is a hawk because the real hawkeye is an Indian.
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    Re: 2015 SEC Media Preseason Predictions

    Greatest defensive mind in football + greatest offensive mind in all of sport + Jeremy Johnson = Auburn goes 34-0 this year*.

    *Auburn will be so good they will also simultaneously play an SEC and...
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    Link: Re: Tuscaloosa News: Kenny Stabler Passes Away

    I'm in the process of his autobiography and it's quite the read. I would post some of the more entertaining parts but I'd be banned from the board.

    Here's one bit that isn't too bad - when Snake...
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    Re: Realtime RPI has Bama going 12-0

    Right now Bama/UGA is a pick 'em.
  13. Re: Garo Yepremian Dolphins Kicker Passes Away

    Dan Marino never had a year where he averaged over 400 yards per game. No one has. That's 6400 yards in a season.
  14. Re: Orioles COO John Angelos offers eye-opening perspective on Baltimore protests

    A) I wouldn't categorize them as "protesters", a good portion of those people are simply criminals looking to cause trouble. This wasn't a sit-in at Woolworth's. Innocent people were nearly killed.
  15. Re: Squall hits Mobile Bay/Dauphin Island Regatta, 2 dead 5 still missing

    Ooh, you almost had me. I was just about login and agree with you wholeheartedly, then you had to add that smarmy nonsense. So we have callous people making jokes about dead people on one side and an...
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