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    Re: The Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Case

    this is one of the problems of allowing women in male locker rooms. I have no problem with them being given equal opportunity to interview men but not in the locker room where many naked men are...
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    Re: Heisman winners Bryant should have had

    Namath for sure and the snake. We were screwed twice in 66. Stabler out of the Heisman and the national championship. But Leroy Jordan may have been the greatest player ever at Bama.
  3. Re: CBS Sports Writer Dennis Dodds: Sooners to Defeat Tide for Title

    I think Clemson has a good chance against Okl. When Okl won there hardest games against teams who were playing there 2nd and 3rd team QB's. Right now Clemson's 1st team QB will be there and at 100%....
  4. Link: Re: Art Briles Just Pooped His Pants - Big 12 Teams Must Now Play at Least 1 P5 OOC T

    they need to add 2 teams and have a championship game. I look for BYU and Houston to join.
  5. Re: Who's the starting QB for Bama next season?

    I hope lane stays on also. I was really for him when he was 1st hired. The man is a darn good offensive coordinator. I think if he has a chance to work with Barnett and the great young receivers we...
  6. Re: Florida QB Treon Harris: “(Alabama) isn’t the best defense we played”

    If the loser wants to run his mouth then he is entitled to be shut down
  7. Re: Can Bama jump Clemson and be No. 1 in final rankings?

    before we get to far ahead of ourselves we need to beat Fla first. That should be who we are thinking about now. We cannot take the Gators for granted. We look like 17 point favorites on paper but...
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    Link: Re: Coach Smart to UGA

    Give Cochran all the money he wants to keep him. We need him really bad.
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    Game Thread Re: TCU vs. Baylor

    TCU wins best news I heard all day. Glad to see that whiner Briles lose.
  10. Re: What's your thoughts on Alabama Running backs from the game against CSU?

    Bo looks like our next great back. Would like to have seen him with a few more carries.
  11. Poll: Re: Which Playoff Contenders Takes a Hit This Week? (This Time Multiple Picks)

    I just don't see Mich St beating Ohio St. Mich St hasn't looked very good for a while. Okie St could lose to Baylor if they are looking ahead.
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    Question: Re: How can Coker improve down the stretch?

    I would like to see him fake to Henry an keep the ball on some 3rd and short plays. I have noticed on those type of plays the defense keys on Henry this leaves an opening for Coker to gain good...
  13. Poll: Re: Which Playoff Contender Takes a Hit This Weekend?

    I don't like Baylor but I think they will take care of Okie St. Okie St has been real shakey lately and if Baylor gets them down they will not recover this time.
  14. Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Charleston Southern

    just hope Saban allows Henry to get at least 150 rushing and a couple of tds. that should keep him in the Heisman hunt. I think it will be a vanilla game 35-14 Tide
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    Game Thread Re: Oklahoma vs Baylor

    Baylor finally played a team that had a pulse and the rest is history
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