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  1. Re: Anyone else concerned with Ole Sis and Mitthtippy Tate this year

    Absolutely! Both Ole Miss and Cowbell college fans are "concerned" that they will continue in mediocrity, and get hammered by the Tide yet again.
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    Re: LSU loses another QB

    I lost a lot of sleep over this last night, and had to schedule an appointment with my counselor today because I was under such grief.

    No wait...I didn't. I'm sorry. I got mixed up. :biggrin:
  3. Re: Pat White: "Still Glad I Turned Down A 'vette [From Alabama] To Become A Mountain

    Balloon juice.
  4. News Article: Re: This is why we don't need to listen to Mel Kiper

    It's a good thing these guys don't make much money doing this, or get to fly around all over the country on the weekends to watch sporting events. After all, it's only fair that school teachers,...
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    Re: Terrence Jones, OL- Troy, squats 810 lbs

    I was only 600 pounds shy of squatting 800 pounds a few years ago.
  6. Re: In the "Not So Fast My Friends" Jameis Winston Title IX Edition

    What??? So one can escape due process and justice simply by refusing to answer questions?
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    Re: Caption This

    Alabama head coach Nick Saban listens with interest as newly-hired offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin explains how it was a travesty that he was not chosen to be the next Spider-Man.
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    Re: Proposed 10 second rule change shelved.

    I sometimes wonder if it is possible to be objective in this discussion. It cannot be a coincidence that the stronger points in favor of the HUNH usually come from the fans of those teams which run...
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    Re: Proposed 10 second rule change shelved.

    Worried about the future of the game I am. I despite the HUNH coaches speaking of their style as an "innovation". Balloon juice! It is not innovation when you drastically change what the sport has...
  10. Re: How many career college second-stringers have had good pro careers?

    The question was not who, but how many? I'll guess 46. :biggrin:
  11. Re: Rules Committee recommends 10 second substitution window

    Excuse me, but I don't know exactly what you mean. Could you explain it so that a country boy like me can understand?
  12. Re: Saban Coaching Error in game against Auburn

    "If Henry would have been in the game..."

    "If Colt would not have been knocked out..."

    Hey, those contain the same number of words!
  13. Re: Saban Coaching Error in game against Auburn

    We did, on the 3rd down play right before it. But the ref marked it about 5 miles short. And it still burns me up!
  14. Re: Rules Ctne recommends 10 second substitution window

    Right on schedule.
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    Re: Vol Players Arrested Overnight

    Even if something were to come of this, it really won't matter. This Vol team is stacked at every position. Their poor effort on the gridiron in recent years was all part of a plot to pull everyone...
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