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  1. Re: too much free time on the job is why federal workers look at porn.....while at wo

    Yall are crazy watching porn at work. I wait to I get home and watch it on tv while I post on tidefans.:cool2:
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    Funny: Re: Wife Zone

    I have been married to long to know what zone I'm in. I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world if she is in the crazy zone because she has to be to put up with me.:)

    PS, No she don't read my...
  3. Re: Did Martial Law just go into effect in West Africa!?

    If anything can end it this disease can.
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    Re: Fire Challenge

    I learned at a young age that being burned is extremely painful. Got a firework caught by my pants in the ankle area and had second and some third degree burns. The pain was something you never...
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    Well the secret is out, Boomberg is a closet NRA member.
  6. Re: Chicago Housing Authority using "super vouchers" to rent in priciest places

    I just don't understand, what good does this do? Or is this just our great government paying back their voters.
  7. Re: Boston's top cop says no one in Boston needs rifles or shotguns

    I believe that it is easy to do this because people are more afraid of rifles instead of handguns. In my opinion this is just the start of a new strategy for the control freaks to outlaw guns one at...
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    Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: Auburn

    I don't care if they win all their games until they play us, as long as we stomp a mud hole in all their hopes for a repeat from last year.
  9. Re: Michelle O declares war on Chick-Fil-A - school lunches that is

    Obama is already the worse President of my lifetime. Is she trying to be the worse female dog of my lifetime?
  10. Re: Visiting My Mom--And This Was Lunch!!

    I have already eaten supper and this thread is making me hungry. Thanks man.:)
  11. Re: Scientific study on why conservatives are conservative.

    Its not elevated fear but being prepared for whats coming.
  12. Re: Man Trying To Kill Spider Sets Rental House On Fire

    i don't fear all the other insects or snakes or animals, but spiders will make me hurt myself. I don't know why can't explain it but the eight legged freaks just get under my skin. I will pick up a...
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    I talked to charter tonight and the person told me that charter is in talks with the sec network and they should know something soon.
  14. Re: Those to Whom This Video Applies--You Know Who You Are

    Well I do have my problems.:(
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    Re: Fukushima Just Can't Catch a Break

    We can think Jimmy the failure Carter for demonizing Nuclear power.
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