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    Re: First time at Bryant Denny

    We take a similar bag and it rarely even gets checked
  2. Re: Georgia's Malcolm Mitchell's greatest accomplishment- great video

    I've enjoyed harassing my UGA friends about the fact that he got into UGA reading at a middle school level. But all in all its a great story and I'm glad he was able to over come adversity...
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly FAU style

    Good: the win, the clouds, the rain

    Bad: Sun, fumbles, penalties,

    Ugly: the sunburn on my face and knees
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    Re: Does a 2 yr old have to have a ticket at BDS

    yeah our 17month old probably won't enjoy the game... we are just going to leave him at home I emailed tide pride and they said "supposed to have a ticket, but it depends on the person at the...
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    Re: Does a 2 yr old have to have a ticket at BDS

  6. Re: What did you learn from the Thursday night games you watched? (My seven things)

    I'm still glad the SOS to Bama rumors were all false
    as much as I try to like or respect aTm I just can't... yet
    Bo Wallace.. UGH!!!!
    Vandy is terrrrrrrrrible
    SECN has a weird tint
  7. Re: hypothetical: which win would mean the most to you?

    I wasn't going to say that :D I figured maybe I didn't make that clear enough thanks though!!!
  8. hypothetical: which win would mean the most to you?

    I had this thought while driving the other day.

    Flash forward to June 2015 Alabama is a few months out from winning the first playoff championship (remember I said hypothetical) Which win would...
  9. Re: Will Kiffin Coach From The Sideline Or The Press Box?

    When Kiffin was HC at UT, he never could figure out how to use the headphone system at Bryant Denny, this may be part of the reason too :biggrin:
  10. Re: Arkansas pizzeria offers "One penny per point" pizzas in Hogs beat the Barn.

    Heres to hoping for 50 cent pizzas
  11. Re: Where on this site is the football schedule?

    I thought this was a site to vote for a new helmet design..
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    Re: A College Football Social Media PSA

    you have an orange wall in your house... you aren't a real Bama fan....
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    Re: Poem from WVU board

    i clicked on the link just to see the hulahoop girl
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    Re: Georgia Dome Questions for those who have been

    We always park at or around the dome. There are tons of parking decks that are not expensive. There is a huge parking deck at the Dome. I always love watching everyone pile in at Marta, meanwhile...
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    Re: OJ Howard wants ice cream...

    Snickers ice cream....
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