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    Re: Chad Lindsay gives up football

    Man, I wish he didn't count. Done well at the barn. Hate he left Tuscaloosa. He's a good RB.
  2. Re: Sark calls Pat Haden down to the sidelines during game

    Another great point.
  3. Re: Sark calls Pat Haden down to the sidelines during game

    Absolutely. I'm not sure what either of them were thinking.
  4. Re: Sark calls Pat Haden down to the sidelines during game

    Yep. I couldn't have said it better.
  5. Re: Sark calls Pat Haden down to the sidelines during game

    Agreed. What we had worked pretty darn well. Not sure why the BCS formula wouldn't work with the playoff plan currently in place.
  6. Re: Why is Pat Dye in the College Football Hall of Fame?

    Agreed, wholeheartedly!!!
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    Re: Coaches poll week 1

    My top 5:

    1. FSU
    2. Alabama
    3. Texas A&M
    4. Oregon
    5. Oklahoma
  8. News Article: View Post

    The sky is not falling, but there is a sense of urgency in getting the entire defense on the same and right page each play. Our cornerback play will definitely have to improve, but I trust Coaches...
  9. Question: Re: Would you like a preseason in College Football?

    Absolutely not!!!
  10. Question: Re: O-line opinion from people that have seen them live

    Hope you're right. But everything points to the drop off after 2012, different blocking schemes and different OL coach. I trust Coach Saban will handle everything if we have the same issues this...
  11. Re: Thank you Rece Davis. Thank you! (HUNH Offenses)

    Rece is a smart cookie and I'm ecstatic to hear him say what I've been saying since this HUNH crap started.
  12. Re: Brian Vogler wins the Charlie Compton Award.

    Nice going, Brian! This is an award to be proud of.
  13. Link: Re: Joe Willie appears in Manning brothers rap for Fantasy Football

    Oh, I believe it. Nothing really surprises me anymore.
  14. Re: With Our Schedule - And a Weak Lot of opposing QBs - Where do we lose 2 games?

    If we avoid the injury bug (and that doesn't look too promising right now), I believe we have a good chance of running the table. But it all comes down to team chemistry and the will to make your...
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    Re: Jameis Winston Questions On Twitter

    Unfortunately, there are some people out there with no morals who love getting attention, no matter how positive or negative it is. Winston gets way too much attention! Somebody else in this thread...
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