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  1. Re: Opinions on how long Lane Kiffin stay at Bama

    I think Lane stays another year and learns from the best like Mario has done. They will both be excellent head coaches again soon at some level.
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    Re: Mario Cristobal : how would you grade him?

    Mario has done an awesome job. I think he is off to his next head coaching job next season.
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    Re: NFL Prospect Jalston Fowler

    I see Nudie about like Wallace Gilberry. He is a fan favorite in college, will find his way on an NFL roster as an unheralded recruit and end up being steady contributor for some lucky team for a...
  4. Re: Let's party like it's 1999! (Flashback to MSU vs. Bama '99)

    Overconfident a little, aren't we??? The cowbells have had some overrated teams in the recent past but make no mistake...they are talented and they are coming to win! Their win over the corndogs in...
  5. Question: Re: So if you are Alabama how do you attack the LSU defense?

    ^^^ This - we have had slow but steady improvement on the road this year. This will be the most hostile crowd we've seen being a night game in Death Valley. They will be ready for us that is for...
  6. Re: Mark Ingram having a great night! (Lacy too)

    As long as he stays injury free I think Trent will have a long successful career. Give it some time. Trent is going to be fine.
  7. Re: The Barn vs. The Rebels: Who you pulling for?, can't do it - but you get my drift.
  8. Re: Jameis Winston signed 340 autographs for dealer...

    Meeh, fat chance on that IMO. The domers are over-rated again and Jaboo, love him or hate him, is the most talented guy on the field in Tallahassee tomorrow. Freeshoes is going to roll them.
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    Question: Re: Upset ALERT! Who ya got going down?

    I don't see any upsets this week except us not covering the spread against TAMU. Arky is improved but had no business losing to us by a point. UGA rolls them.
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    Re: Drake To Be Fine (Positive News)

    Great news!!! Get well soon!!!
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    Re: Kansas fires Charlie Weis

    ^^^This...what took them so long to figure it out?
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    Re: Coaches on the hot seat

    They won't I suspect...they play Minnesota Saturday I think and are a 14 point favorite. I have them losing 4 more games one of them possibly this weekend.
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    Re: Michigan's Offense

    Wow, that is something if true. Heck, Harbaugh brought that program out of smoldering ashes. Dude really knows his stuff. I think he is single-handedly responsible for Stanford's resurgence as...
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    Question: Re: First offensive play of the game

    My favorite play - wheel route in the flat to Nudie.
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    Re: Suggestions to negate the HUNH.

    The cure to this problem has already been discovered...have a fake injury every two to three plays.
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