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  1. Re: Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve Act

    All empires enter a phase of decay. The leadership, including the Federal Reserve, have a tendency to create conflicts, internal or external (in conjunction of the World Bank.). Too much discontent...
  2. Re: Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve Act

    Possible that things are out of control, even for the Federal Reserve. Challenges are now social, political, and social.
  3. Re: WH to hold summit to fight violent extremism...

    Stop championing minority rights. Let public sentiment decide.
  4. Re: The Effort to Understand ISIS (so we can kill them better)

    Slowly he turns. Step by step... ��
  5. Re: The Effort to Understand ISIS (so we can kill them better)

    Many theories running around. That's why I brought it up. Many things just don't make sense.
  6. Re: The Effort to Understand ISIS (so we can kill them better)

    Could this be what Nagata is referring to, the psychological appeal that ISIS affords to both Middle-easterners as well as Westerners? They seem well supplied and well armed, almost like a...
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    News Article: Re: Cecils Hurt Article

    The theme is not too dissimilar from JessN's. MSU Wrap-up article. Very nice read, indeed.
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    Re: Ivan Maisel Shreds the SEC

    Odd how a "down" year for the SEC can still produce a #1 seed for the National Championship playoff. I imagine it would be frightening to see a strong SEC year.
  9. Re: Gov. Perry sending 1000 NG troops to border

    Do we really think the national guard being deployed is about orphan immigrant children? Or do we think this is about combating the Mexican drug cartel? Didn't Arizona and Homeland Security deal...
  10. I may agree with you regarding fundamental...

    I may agree with you regarding fundamental natural rights. However defending these has not been the history of powerful governments and empires. I believe it has usually been the case of "might makes...
  11. Re: Snowden leaves Hong Kong

    Nationalistic interests rise higher than civil rights. It appears he will be treated like a traitor despite being a civilian contractor.
  12. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    I think the idea is that during times of high inflation and cheap dollars (low interest), you take your money and spend/invest it in things that hold value such as real estate. Then you borrow more...
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    JessN: Re: Sources say Saban, Bama are close on contract

    I think I'll take him at his word regarding his desire to affect the lives of young men. He stated such since his last year with the Dolphins. He has nearly 100 on his roster now. To start over with...
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    Re: Nick Saban: No timetable on career

    I'm not sure, but it seems to me like CNS's priorities maybe shifting as noted here as well as in the WSJ article. Winning and building a team are becoming less of a priority than that of positively...
  15. Re: Today is the 50th Anniversary since JFK was murdered in Dallas

    I think the problem with the WC isn't that it's not implausible or internally inconsistent. However, there are too many circumstantial events that raises new questions. Had there been a cover-up,...
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