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  1. Re: Urban Meyer Tells Gumble He Thought He Was Dying

    As well you shouldn't. But not because of Tressel. Because of Meyer's history.

    He's a self-promoter of the highest order. He NEVER takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong. When...
  2. Link: Re: Video: Mississippi State Center Stomps On Two Different LSU Players

    As 92 Tide pointed out, something tells me that if the officials don't handle this, the players will.

    And MSU will be really unhappy with the players' solution.
  3. News Article: Re: CFN: Is Jeff Driskel Ready To Pull It Off?

    Tim Tebow in the 2008 SECCG
    Stephen Garcia in 2010
    Cam Newton in the second half of the 2010 Iron Bowl
    Johnny Football in 2012
    Aaron Murray in 2012 SECCG
    Nick Marshall in the 2013 Iron Bowl
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    Re: How would you grade Kiffin thus far?

    What I like: Kiffin has made Blake Sims an effective passer. I never expected that, and am glad to have been proven wrong.

    What I question: We haven't played a defense that will be out of the...
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    Re: How Are DBs Trained?

    Heard this same thing, phrased as only he could phrase it, direct from Joe Kines.

    He said if the DB was "in phase" (Kines' words, not mine), they're coached to look back for the ball. If they're...
  6. Re: How does the secondary cope against Florida

    Agreed. A lot of our fans aren't happy unless they're obsessing about (1) not being an NFL-caliber juggernaut, or (2) being one, but not getting the proper respect from the talking heads.

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    Re: Adrian Peterson Indicted

    I am in favor of appropriately-administered corporal punishment, especially for children too young to understand why it's not acceptable to whatever they want.

    But there is a line between spanking...
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    Re: The Ray Rice video

    A few thoughts I haven't seen or heard discussed.

    First, a rhetorical question: Why do civilized people abhor male-on-female violence?

    Answer: Generally speaking, it offends our sense of...
  9. Re: Just received my Ole Miss tickets... they are doing a "Navy Out."

    Might shoulda asked Mark Richt how that tends to work out.
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    Re: The Ray Rice video

    So.....was the illegality in the release of ANY of the video? If so, somebody broke the law.

    Or was it illegal for only the portion that showed the impact, but not the part that showed the...
  11. Re: Why does rap music get a social pass regarding degrading of women?

    For everyone who hasn't already: Please, please read "Black Rednecks and White Liberals," by Thomas Sowell.

    As you would expect from Sowell, it is exceedingly well researched.

  12. Re: Dept of Justice gives away BoA settlement to liberal activist groups

    My, my, my. That nasty profiling thing sure is abhorrent when done to some people, but perfectly acceptable when done to others we don't like, isn't it?

    The answer to your question is a...
  13. Re: Dept of Justice gives away BoA settlement to liberal activist groups

    A few last thoughts:

    While not all mortgage lenders are subject to CRA, all federally regulated ones are. Countrywide was owned by Bank of America, which definitely is. Doesn't justify some of...
  14. Re: Dept of Justice gives away BoA settlement to liberal activist groups

    Forgot to mention, the big banks also lost a lot of money because they bought a lot of the bundles for their investment portfolios. So when the underlying mortgages soured, they lost on both the...
  15. Re: Dept of Justice gives away BoA settlement to liberal activist groups

    The CRA doesn't have a sliding scale. Its interpretation by regulators is that disparate impact violates it. And disparate impact is in the eye of the beholder.

    The wide availability of ARMs and...
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