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  1. Re: Mal Moore Autobiography: Crimson Heart Let Me Tell You My Story

    "The Storm and the Tide" is another great book for Bama fans.
  2. Re: Julio Jones and Amari Cooper are both leaders in receiving yardage!!

    Last night I was telling my wife that Amari Cooper is the best receiver Alabama has ever had. Five minutes later, I turned on Monday Night Football and watched Julio rack up the 18th most receiving...
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    Re: Early Point Spreads

    For some reason I think FSU takes Oregon. FSU is sloppy and undisciplined, but they have SEC caliber athletes and they know how to win. They will show up in the Rose Bowl.

    Oregon has played SEC...
  4. Re: Appears Bill Battle Does Not Want Anymore "Dixieland Delight"

    Everybody always says this about LSU. Yet our record in Baton Rouge since 1964 is 20-5-1. We beat them there for almost 30 straight years, from 1971 to 2000. Folks, it just ain't that tough... :wink:
  5. Re: Appears Bill Battle Does Not Want Anymore "Dixieland Delight"

    I must be getting old, because I agree with the fuddy duddies. I'd prefer they get rid of Dixieland Delight - but mainly because the song glorifies TENNESSEE. Surely we can find something better to...
  6. Re: Thanksgiving Vizio Commercial Features Alabama Football

    Ha! Great ad.

    I have bought 5 Vizios over the years. Four of those sets have been great. One, sadly, was a lemon. (Ironically it was the most expensive of the bunch.)

    As for 4k, the TV industry...
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    Re: Good morning from Reuben Foster

    I once had a coach who told us, "Football isn't a contact sport. Football is a collision sport."

    For his own health, I hope Reuben starts tackling with his head up. But...what a hit!
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    Re: Blakes Percentage Of Completions

    Obviously there are no guarantees; I was simply stating my opinion that we won't face a more talented defense in a tougher environment than the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge.

    First a first year...
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    Re: Blakes Percentage Of Completions

    LSU ranks #8 nationally in total defense (current NCAA stats).

    Miss State? #52.

    Auburn? #79

    If LSU in Tiger Stadium isn't the best defense he'll play, what team will be better?
  10. Question: Re: This wasn't flagged tonight, but what should have been called?

    Depantsing with Intent to Wedgie.
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    Re: Blakes Percentage Of Completions

    This game for Blake was similar to the 2012 LSU game for AJ. In the 2nd half of the 2012 game, AJ did NOTHING...until he engineered the game winning drive at the very end.

    I think this may have...
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    Re: Jerry Duncan Smokey Quote

    In those days, seeing an Alabama game on TV was a rare treat, so the radio broadcast was even more important. Often it was the only way to experience the game live.
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    Re: "Say something nice" threads

    I can't remember the exact details, but it seems we were having QB issues at the time of the hurricane. Then when we played the rescheduled game a couple of months later, all the issues were sorted....
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    Re: Saban Strikes Again. Genius!

    I agree completely. Saban is a master of group and individual psychology. He intuitively knows when players need a reassuring pat on the back - or an angry slap on the backside. I think Coach Bryant...
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    News Article: Re: McClain Earns Top Grade Against Seattle

    Ro is kicking butt! I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised (actually, shocked) by his comeback. Great to see him living up to his potential.
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