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    Auburn has beaten Spuriers best teams with regularity. At UF and now at USCe.
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    Re: Jarran Reed arrested for DUI

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    Re: Jarran Reed arrested for DUI

    Careful. Pot is the gate-way to heroin needles and such, this was just a little too much harmless alcohol.
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    Re: Jarran Reed arrested for DUI

    Some of these young men don't even have a dad in their lives. Saban will usually work with a young man if he has the right attitude and can be taught the right things to do.
  5. Re: Anyone else concerned with Ole Sis and Mitthtippy Tate this year

    I went to Jackson Mississippi in the early 80's and Alabama fumbled and bumblrd away a 20 something game winning streak, It was a lousy trip home, especially thru the Newton County speed trap.
  6. Thread: Linebacker U

    by IMALOYAL1

    Re: Linebacker U

    Yes and most really good teams on defense for a long time has claimed LBU at some point, but Alabama has to be up their with the cream of the crop. Number 1 in my book.
  7. Re: Tennessee committed recruit embraces rivalry, calls out Alabama

    I wish every team we played had lots of players popping off like this.

    It's so much better for the team than listening to ESPN talk about which NFL teams we'd beat.
  8. Question: Re: So, how do you feel about a 4 team playoff now?

    It can't be worse than having a great team voted out of the number 1 spot because of media bias with NO chance at redemption against either team because they were so good neither could beat the other...
  9. Link: Re: NY Times drops a dime on Jameis Winston "investigation"

    As a grandparent. (dang time flies) Single parent with full custody of a daughter since she was 3 , we've talked many times about her actions when she was a teenager. She's now married, has 2...
  10. Re: Calvin Ridley's one handed catch at the Opening

    He was definitely showing his ability. Those players are some of the best and it's almost a competition of "can you do this"? He took the opportunity to show who the alpha dog receiver is.;)
  11. Re: The gods of sports are cruel...

    Who scored the touch down?
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    Re: Derrick Henry Sugar Bowl Highlights

    They didn't like trying to tackle him. Yeldon better learn ball security.
  13. Question: Re: Does anyone think Bama will end up with a top 10 prospect this year?

    Without looking or having a clue who the top 10 are I'd bet we get a couple rated top player at their position. I've seen years where several top 10 players just are not what the team is looking for...
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    Link: Re: Brandon Hill no longer on team

    Sounds like a mutual decision. If coach Saban calls you on the carpet for not following the nutritionists advice, it's not much different than skipping classes or workouts IMHO.

    I don't buy into...
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    Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***

    I am really excited about the QB position with the recruits we've added the last few years. It is a position that can make a huge difference. I thought if Saban could just get a good quality kid this...
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