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    Re: Some late-night post-mortems...

    Everyone please consider this. These things concern me, too. But who among you can say that Nick Saban isn't either thinking these things or soliciting the feedback from others? Who thought Bama...
  2. Link: Re: Adam's Griffith's Injury - Stress Fracture in back

    Oh my, that's terrible news. Will they affect him if/when he lays off football, i.e. is he going to be ok long-term?
  3. Link: Re: Oh Lord! The Bourbon St. story I didn't want to hear...

    Lawd, to this true freshman who probably spends all his time studying and practicing, a walk down Bourbon St must be awesome. It is the same for my 7-year-old. That doesn't mean they'll serve...
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    Re: Tom Roberts' Replacement

    Stewart would/will be great. Personally I'd like the Dunaway and Brown show in the booth.
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    Re: Championship Game Ticket Prices

    Interesting thread. There is no benchmark for NCAA playoff tickets. In New Orleans vs. LSU the cheapest was about $2000, but of course that was with in-state fans all around. If I were receiving...
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    Re: Buckeye Fan Here

    Enough about the board rules, don't we have a game to discuss? I'm biased but IMO it will be exactly like Bama-Notre Dame. "Holy crap these guys are bigger and faster than we are!" Only a dozen...
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    Re: Florida State players say they want Bama

    The Crimsonettes, specifically. Yeah they don't make the games any harder to watch.
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    Re: SECCG as called by Eli Gold

    I think you can actually be nominated for a Nobel Prize for this service to the world.
  9. Re: Appears Bill Battle Does Not Want Anymore "Dixieland Delight"

    Sorry, I'll never be bothered this much by words. Someone please name me a stadium (CFB, NFL, soccer, rugby, etc.) where there are never potty words in chants. I will do a quick Google search and...
  10. Re: Les eats grass when playing Bama. Malzahn eats boogers!

    That should be a sticky thread, or a video people see when they log on TideFans.
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    Re: Opening kick off question

    It was part of the plan to recover a backward pass on the ensuing drive.
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    Game Thread Re: Florida State vs Boston College (ABC)

    Who wants to bet me this FSU team beats both Florida and then triple option, cut-blocking Georgia Tech? They will not.
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    Question: Re: If we beat Auburn, will they replace Gus?

    One could speculate he knows of things that went on in recruiting dating back to Chizik's days such that they could never fire him unless things got REALLY bad and it was worth paying him Terry...
  14. Re: I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT GUS !!!! And i am wanting everone's input.

    Just to be clear, are you saying that you think Gus intentionally produces a team that's bad at defense because his offense is good?
  15. Re: I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT GUS !!!! And i am wanting everone's input.

    You mean the same Ellis Johnson who went 3-8 under Mike Dubose at Bama?
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