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  1. Re: Back Away from the Edge -- Recruiting Thoughts

    Great post. Thanks!... And YES, some of us folks in NC care about Bama FB. Roll Tide!
  2. Potential QB Transfer Jacob Coker Updates

    Would Coker be the 2014 QB answer? Any info re his past performance? Size, HS stars, remaining playing time? Thanks!
  3. Re: *** 2013 RB Altee Tenpenny Commits to Alabama *** (Update: Page 15)

    Forrest Gump once said "At Ole Miss , they red shirt Miss Americas, At Bama, we red shirt stud hosses"! Roll Tide!
  4. Question: Re: DE Jordan Jenkins Updates

    Will JJ be at The Game?
  5. Question: Re: DE Jordan Jenkins Updates

    Didn't the AJ report JJ was to announce after UF game?
  6. Question: Re: DE Jordan Jenkins status/updates?

    Thank you ALL! Maybe after Bama serves up a little "gator tail" this w/e it will seal the deal. Roll Tide!
  7. Question: DE / LB Jordan Jenkins Commits to Georgia (Page 11)

    Just interested in any status. Thank you!
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