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    Re: Sleeper teams anyone?

  2. Re: Who are you most looking forward to having a great year?

    1) either QB
    2) both Foster's
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    Re: What is Your Favorite Kind of Win?

    take the title game vs ND and stamp that out 15 times this year and I'll be happy
  4. Re: SEC Coaches Describe Their Teams in One Word

    why is everyone so enamored with Spurrier quotes? he said "decent" ... so what?
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    Link: Re: The Ebb Of The Tide: Alabama Is Dead

    simple Hoopie trash ...
  6. Re: Current Head Coaches' Records Against Top-25 Teams While at Major-Conference Scho

    Miss St has dropped 15 straight...

    wow, brady hoke 4-20 and spurrier under .500 with USCe
  7. Re: Ranks Top 20 College Football Players According to Its Analysts

    very surprised to see Petty up there. to me he's just brandon weeden or colt brennan...solely a product of the system ... I'd put Cato in there before Petty

    gordon, wisc rb, will have a huge...
  8. Re: Yahoo Sports: Notre Dame Under Investigation for Academic Fraud

    listening to McElroy and his sidekick on sirius and they're massaging notre dame for how wonderfully they're handling this situation and "getting out in front of it"...that's fine, everyone's...
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    Link: Re: Vinnie Sunseri doing good with Saints.

    good article
  10. Re: SIAP.."Mama Called" Bear Bryant Documentary Airs Tonight At 7 On PBS

    must be a regional deal. mine is Being Poirot followed by Return to Downtown Abbey
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    Re: Les likes his grass...smoothie

    tyrann mathieu prefers the synthetic version of a grass smoothie
  12. Re: With Our Schedule - And a Weak Lot of opposing QBs - Where do we lose 2 games?

    you can never project this far ahead

    looking at the 2012 schedule if you'd have told us on 8/11/12 some RS Frosh named John Manziel would beat us we'd have kicked you off the board...

    Allen and...
  13. Re: Eight of Alabama's Nine Losses Have a Common Theme Based on Opponents

    doesn't hurt to run for 100+ yards either

    142 = Florida 2008
    13 = Utah 2009
    110 = South Carolina 2010
    225 = LSU 2010
    108 = Auburn 2010
    148 = LSU 2011
    165 = Texas A&M 212
    296 = Auburn 2013
  14. Re: Anybody Overly Concerned With A. Robinson`s Absence?

    wvu will have an excellent run game this year so rather not have so many potential defensive line issues but would rather a 100% AR for the gators than potentially lose him for the season to injury
  15. Trent Richardson plans to "roll right through them" in 2014
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