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    Re: Kanye Launches 2020 Presidential Bid

    I guess we are closer to the future as depicted in the movie "Idiocracy" then I thought possible. Kanye wouldn't be a far stretch from the character President Camacho, porn star and five time...
  2. Re: Could the SEC get left out in the cold this year?

    I think there is still an anti SEC bias that could result in passing up the SEC champ if they have two losses and the other four conference champs have one or less losses. I was never a big fan of...
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    Re: Pick the score: Wisconsin vs. Alabama

    100+ yard for Henry and Drake, +3 on giveaway/takeaway gives us a 38 to 14 victory.
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    Re: predictions for this season

    You forgot AJ wins starting QB job for the Bengals.
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    Link: Re: At Auburn, Athletics and Academics Collide

    "Auburn academic mission" Isn't that an oxymoron?
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    Re: Evan Mathis- Game`s Best Guard

    That's the understatement of the year. Chip has made many personnel decisions that have most Eagle fans scratching their heads. Not resigning Mathis is just one more in a line of "interesting"...
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    Re: Evan Mathis- Game`s Best Guard

    Glad he landed a job. I hate to see him leave the Eagles, but it all came down to money. Guess Chip Kelly didn't see the value in keeping him in Philly.
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    Re: How Close was Saban to Coaching Texas

    CNS was only interested in UT because they have white helmets.
  9. Re: Americans who stop terrorist on train to receive high honor from France

    And Jeffery Dahmer was just a normal guy who was a little hungry.
  10. Link: Re: AJ McCarron and Jameis Winston to square off tonight on ESPN

    We didn't do to well against OSU but I think we could beat Ohio's other college team.. The Bengals. :biggrin:
  11. Re: Steve Sarkisian Apologizes for Behavior at Trojans Kickoff Event

    All of the above.
  12. Americans who stop terrorist on train to receive high honor from France

    Three Americans who stopped a terrorist from opening fire on crowded French train are to receive an award from France. Bless these men for taking action and preventing multiple casualties.

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    Poll: Pick the starting QB for Wisconsin game

    Just a poll to see who you think it will be.
  14. Re: Gus Malzahn says Auburn 'should have put 60' on Alabama in 2014

    The selection committee should have know that Awbarn should have put 60 on Bama and the committee should have selected Awbarn over Bama and they should have played OSU which they could have won and...
  15. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    He is the rear end
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