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    Link: Re: Tuscaloosa News: Kenny Stabler Passes Away

    ... my earliest memories of BAMA football are of Stabler working his magic on the field :smile:
  2. Re: New Bama Safety Ronnie Harrison Posts Instagram Video of One Handed Catch

    FIFY :wink:
  3. Link: Re: Oregon senator upset Ducks' 2015 class has no in-state signees

    ... I'm liking this one :D
  4. Re: Which of our latest recruits will play the most as freshmen?

    ...thinking his eligibility has expired ;)
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    Re: ****Bama vs. UT****

    ... be a responsible parent ... don't drink and diaper :wink:
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    Re: Caption This Bo Wallace Hugh Freeze Pic

    ... with this win I thee wed ... you may now kiss the quarterback ...
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    Re: No More Barn Threads Please!

    ... then it could give the *hat* and *uni* threads a run for their money :wink:
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    Re: No More Barn Threads Please!

    ... just for grins, I would like to see every barn thread merged with this one :D
  9. News Article: Lane Kiffin falls down, asks Nick Saban for help to get back up

    ... FWIW, here is a David Climer Article from the Tennessean in Nashville, TN

    ... expected Climer's usual brand of cynicism when I read the title, but it's not so bad :smile:
  10. Re: Coker has committed to Alabama...

    ... I'm thinking further back than that :smile:
  11. Re: Coker has committed to Alabama...

    ... he's certainly got the *BAMA QB Bangs* haircut - that's important, ya know :D
  12. Re: Potential QB Transfer Jacob Coker Updates

    ... CBS is reporting the same

    EDIT: it appears that this writer is probably sourcing Cecil :)
  13. Re: Alabama VS Notre Dame -- From a Brit's Perspective - Video

    ... Mother Gooooooooooose! :D

    ... watched this no less than a dozen times yesterday - couldn't get enough

    ... even my wife and daughter got a kick out of it - haven't closed that tab on my...
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    News Article: Re: Alabama to play Southern Miss in 2014

    Reggie was one of the most talented players I've ever been around - graceful might be a word I would use (if you can say that about a football player :wink:)

    ... he definitely took that USM team...
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    Link: Re: ESPN - The Experts: McCarron For Heisman?

    ... not sure what the Heisman is about anymore

    ... and I'm not sure what AJ's chances are this year

    ... but no one can convince me he's any less of a prospect than Jason White or Matt Leinart...
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