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  1. Re: St. John's student threatens to smash computer with Trump sticker on it

    But the bigger idiot here is the spineless coward who somehow thought his hatred of Trump justified destroying someone else's private property.

    Then again for too many folks there's no such thing...
  2. Re: If A Candidate Dies During The Race....

  3. Re: If A Candidate Dies During The Race....

    Yeah but that's a little easier since it's the nominee himself who was still on the ticket. That selection was proof that you need to get your VP before the Conventionbut that hasn't prevented...
  4. Re: If A Candidate Dies During The Race....

    Super delegates - the way to thwart 'the will of the people.'

    Because that is ALL it's there for. Heck, even Jules Witcover in his history of the Democratic Party said as much (implicitly). When...
  5. Re: Alabama predicted to win Super Bowl 67

    Ah - missed this. Better get them bifocals soon.
  6. If A Candidate Dies During The Race....

    Not to be morbid but given the fact we've got a bunch of seniors who qualify for the IHOP discount running for President, this is something I thought of eight years ago when McCain was running.
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    Re: What did you give up for Lent?

    I gave up sex; I was already doing without anyway.
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    Re: What did you give up for Lent?

    That reminds me of an old Dave Gardner joke:

    "You know what those Catholics can do that us Baptists can't? Why they can take that country girl out in that car and REJOICE with her until early...
  9. Re: Alabama predicted to win Super Bowl 67

    Nobody caught the Urban Meyer winning a national title at Alabama comment?

    Heh heh.....
  10. "Memory Hackers" On NOVA On PBS Tonight

    I forgot to mention this earlier.

    At 8 central PBS will be doing a full show about memory. One particular section covers HSAM. NO, I am not on it, but the 13-year old kid (Jake Hausler from St...
  11. Re: ***Official Presidential Nomination Withdrawal Thread*****

    Chris Christie has been voted off the island (and into an ice cream truck).
  12. Re: Bloomberg Candidacy--Nightmare Scenario for Dems?

    All Bloomberg would have to do to tip the election is win enough votes in New York that the Republican carries the state. That alone would be almost enough by itself to say nothing of other states...
  13. Re: National Presidential Primary: You fer or agin it?

    This has been debated forever. So let met just hit some of the high point arguments and be a politician myself without taking a position.

    1) No elected President - who prospered in the system of...
  14. Re: UConn creating a "black only" living space

    Let me just say this about the whole thing here (not even addressing the veracity of this particular instance). We heard about this 'safe space' stuff at Mizzou.

    My first year of college (1987-88)...
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    Re: Bernie Sanders

    That may have been the best ever. He really wasn't that good at first. Go back and look at the Republican Debate he did in the NH primary in 1988. Dan Aykroyd played Bob Dole, Al Franken was Pat...
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