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  1. Link: Re: Einstein was right - gravity ripples across universe as waves

    Need I explain further?
  2. Re: ***Official Presidential Nomination Withdrawal Thread*****

    Of course not. That was already done during the Bill Clinton administration. How else could he fit in there with Hillary and their girlfriends?
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    Re: If A Candidate Dies During The Race....

    This thread reminds me of an old riddle we used to tell:
    "An airplane crashes into the the Chattahoochee River, killing everyone aboard. Since it was exactly between the Georgia and Alabama state...
  4. Re: ***Official Presidential Nomination Withdrawal Thread*****

    No problem. I'm sure there are plenty of positions open for an experienced woman.
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    Re: What did you give up for Lent?

    If I didn't want it back, I would have given it, not lent it. If I lent it, I want it back!
  6. Re: Homeland Security whistleblower reveals MASSIVE Islamic terror cover-up by Obama

    Many of us have seen this for years. All you have to do is close your ears to the Obama apologists and open your ears and eyes to what he's actually doing.
    The truth becomes obvious.
  7. Re: Mich. Senate passes bill banning various sex acts

    Only if N Korea doesn't do it first.
  8. Re: Bloomberg Candidacy--Nightmare Scenario for Dems?

    I don't see Bloomberg getting in the race at this stage of the game. The dems have already had debates, Iowa has already had it's caucus and NH primaries were yesterday. I don't know how much money...
  9. Re: National Presidential Primary: You fer or agin it?

    Alabama was a 'flyover state' when, in previous elections, our primaries were in late April. Now that we've changed it to early March we are once again among the relevant states. I agree that a...
  10. Question: Re: New Sign Being Posted at Some Schools: Gun Zone Here

    Yes, but for the most part I put them into 2 categories. A- Open Carry - this generally means a person who is either a LEO or is respective of open carry laws and can be depended upon to defend...
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    Re: Is Auburn playing a game this evening???

    They probably are playing a game, just not the same game of which most of us are thinking. I'm sure you've heard of it though. Some people call it a ''circle jerk''.
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    Re: Kirby knew he was leaving.....???

    I think we've all known for some time that he was going to leave at some point. In fact , the thoughts of him staying put at UA as a 'HC in waiting' were mere dreams.
    I see nothing wrong with his...
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    Re: Republican debate - New Hampshire

    Heck, there's nothing wrong with that. Even Obama takes several ''breaks'' a year. /Blue font/
  14. Re: 10 yr old Austrian boy raped in pool by Iraqi invader

    Aha! So that's why Arabs keep herds of goats. I should have known. :biggrin:
  15. Re: Muzzies laugh and dance as they gang raped 17 yr old Belgium girl

    Or they would be, if they had any 'arms' to be up in.
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