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  1. Re: L5U Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    I wonder how many Judas's at that lunch are writing the checks to make this happen.
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    Re: Epic Bart Star / Brett Farve Moment!

    There was an article, I earlier in the fall, that told of how hard Bart Starr's family and therapists were working so he could be in GB for this. According to the article, BF actually delayed this...
  3. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    I have actually had a couple lengthy conversations with Jimbo at travel baseball tournaments in Marianna, FL. We never talked anything of substance with regard to football. One of the specialists his...
  4. Re: Video: Lane Kiffin not happy with A’Shawn Robinson’s pat on the butt

    I'm sure that's a pretty good sized paw
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    Re: Ohio State vs Michigan State

    If you watch video, the kid wasn't spittin slobberin mad, he was completely dejected and heartbroken. I don't excuse what he said, but reading snipped quotes is a tad misleading with regard to his...
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    Re: Metallica Salute to Frank Beamer

    Thanks for putting the video up!!

    The VT entrance is definitely one of the better ones in sports.
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    Metallica Salute to Frank Beamer

    Metallica recorded a send off for CFB before VT's last home game. Pretty cool of the band.

    (Sorry, I don't know how to embed the actual video from the phone)
  8. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    We all know Les is goofy and tends to be scattershot when speaking to the media. Starting with his Alabama post-game PC, in each of the last three he has looked more and more lost when stumbling to...
  9. Re: Auburn offense may debut a 'little package' for Iron Bowl

    In all seriousness, this is a fine example of Coach Saban's policy against assistants giving interviews.
  10. JessN: Re: If coaching carousel turns on Miles, someone at LSU is dumb

    Don't know yet, but I think head over to tigerdroppings for a quick laugh
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    Re: Opinions Please : Rx Sunglasses

    My dr does offer the MJ, I'm certain they are the real lens. How did they hold up for you?

    I'll have to check that out for my backups. Do you get your Rx printed and send that to the site?
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    Opinions Please : Rx Sunglasses

    I'm looking for opinions and recommendations on prescription polarized shades. I have worked on the water for most of my adult life, and finally needed Rx glasses about 3 yrs ago. Typically I only...
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    Re: Denzel Nkemdiche in ICU since Monday

    Thanks for clarifying that. I had thought it was outlawed a few years ago, and was wondering how it was still available.
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    Re: Robert Foster's status?

    Remember that medical redshirts aren't applied for until eligibility is exhausted. He most likely won't be here that long, at least he is that caliber of player
  15. Link: Re: 'Big 10/SEC' interleague play per bret bielema

    I wonder if he ever thought to discuss this with his AD before opening his pie hole!
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