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  1. Link: Re: Auburn fans named among the Top 5 "classiest" fan bases...Not making this up

    I'm incredulous at this link. "Classiest"? Are you freaking kidding me?

    I married into an Auburn family. When Auburn beats Bama, they run their mouths incessantly. I mean they NEVER miss an...
  2. Re: If Kiffin leaves, who would you like as Off Coord?

    I believe this is the case. For whatever reason, Coker doesn't seem capable of making a lot of reads and one thing I'll give Kiffin credit for, he studies his QBs and what they can and can't do. He...
  3. Re: If Kiffin leaves, who would you like as Off Coord?

    I'd love to see a Stanford flavor added to Bama's offense. Really innovative (e.g. running 7 offensive linemen on the offensive line, not TEs, OFFENSIVE LINEMEN) yet smash mouth football.

    I don't...
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    Question: Re: Best Place for Kirby Smart?

    Maryland could be a decent job. Under Armor has said they're willing to fork over BIG $$$$$$ for Maryland athletics and they want to make Maryland the Oregon of the East Coast. IMO, those units (like...
  5. Re: Recruits Scheduled for 'Bama vs LSU in Tuscaloosa

    I'm sure there are more than this but I found this on Isaac NautaS Chauncey Gardner (Florida commit)ATH Brandon BurtonTE Miller Forristall (Bama commit)
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    Re: Trouble on Rocky Top

    It never gets old seeing Tennessee lose. NEVER. I wish for them to lose all games for all eternity.
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    Re: Devin Asiasi

    I'd seen video of this kid. Big, big TE who's physically ready to play NOW. Could be a really good DE but insists on playing only TE in college. Very effective blocker, great size (6-5, 270 lbs),...
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    Re: Pick the Score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

    Bama 49

    Admiral Akbars 10
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    Re: Is Texas becoming a laughing stock?

    If you go to their website, they're pretty much in meltdown right now. Can't say that I'm heart broken.
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    Re: Ten last-minute thoughts...

    In regard to expansion, North Carolina and UVA would NEVER, and I do mean NEVER come to the SEC. They look down their collective noses at all SEC schools with the possible exception of Vanderbilt and...
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    Re: Pick the score: Wisconsin vs. Alabama

    Bama 34

    Wisconsin 10
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    Re: 2016 WR Keith Gavin

    This kid is BIG TIME. Strong, physical WR with great hands. Would be a huge, huge pick up.
  13. Re: We have the first college game of the year tomorrow (North Dakota State)

    What an odd time to play a game, on a FRIDAY afternoon.
  14. Re: 2017 Athlete Dylan Moses has decommitted from LSU

    He's insanely talented on both sides of the ball but seems maybe a smidge more talented on defense. Just my 2 cents, not that it matters what I think.
  15. Re: Ohio State Suspends Four Players for Season Opener Against Va Tech

    As if this matters. They're going to beat the living poop out of Virginia Tech. Grand Canyon sized talent differential between OSU and VT. If VT can hold OSU under 60 points, I'll be surprised.
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