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    Re: OK, I'm a little worried AU

    Those games are exactly why I don't think that this one will be close. I think we will beat them like a bargain basement rented mule.
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    Link: Re: More Trouble at Florida State?

    Kind of like the football players that got in a wreck that totaled the other car in the wee hours of the morning, had no license or insurance, and left the scene for over an hour, and then didn't get...
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    Re: UGA-Georgia Southern

    Wow. Just... wow. Every single time Georgia looks like they are going to get something going, they shoot themselves in the foot.
  4. Re: Official Post Game Thread: Alabama vs CSU

    Yeah... just watched Idaho march down and score like you-know-what through a tin horn.
  5. Re: Official Post Game Thread: Alabama vs CSU

    This game really speaks to how incredibly focused this team is as the season gets to the "do or die" stage. Like Stinchcomb said, it would have been really easy to come out and slop around in this...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. CSU...

    If we don't, he'll just grab it and run off with it.
  7. Re: Baylor: SEC football should be in a museum

    Baylor's Football Museum
  8. Re: Here's A Video Of The Baylor Player Faking Injury

    One of their fangirls actually tried to claim that he was really injured and that his teammate was simply trying to make sure he wouldn't get caught on the field while so horribly stricken
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    Re: Terror attacks in Paris.

    Thing is, these scumbags are targeting other Muslims. The bomb that went off in Beirut the day before was specifically targeting Shia Muslims. Hezbollah - yes, that Hezbollah - is battling ISIS...
  10. Re: Baylor: SEC football should be in a museum

    What B1GTide said. Big XII quarterbacks look great when they are throwing into wide open spaces. When the windows get tight, as they do in the NFL, you get Brandon Weeden.
  11. Re: Lsu offensive lineman catching the ball

    Actually, it's a loss of down, so it should have been marked off and resulted in fourth down. Danielson mentioned it as the reason why Saban was so hot. To be honest, I'm not sure the crew got it...
  12. Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly LSwho styile...

    Do they even have editors anymore?

    I agree with your Good and Bad, but my Ugly would have to be that LSU drive that ended with the completion to the lineman.
  13. Re: Baylor: SEC football should be in a museum

    I feel like I lost IQ points reading the idiotic comments on that board. I really hope we get them in the playoffs. I'd love to see their flag football defense try and tackle Henry in the open...
  14. Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. LSU...

    That was a dominating performance on both sides of the ball, and really wasn't as close as the final score. We gave up 88 yards in penalties, which contributed greatly to them even getting onto our...
  15. Re: Is it possible to win long term at Miami on the up and up?

    I don't think they can. Their rise, as I have pointed out before, occurred as many of the traditional powers in college football had fallen on hard times. It was a perfect storm for the Hurricanes....
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