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    Re: 2016 Senior Bowl Thread

    I was wondering about this myself. IIRC, we have won 9 in a row against Miss St. How long has Prescott been playing?

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  2. Re: Saban Announces Tony Brown is Going Home for a Violation of Team Rules

    That's him. He was also in one of the parade photos on one of the carts and you could see his name on the back of the jersey. Hope he takes advantage of this second chance.

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  3. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL? Just Henry and A'Shawn So Far

    IMO, him missing it wasn't as much of a problem as the rest of the team not being able to stop the return (due to the big heavies being in to block). That kick was just a perfect storm of the worse...
  4. Game Thread Re: AJ starting a Playoff Game - Bengals v Steelers

    Initially, Munchak stooped his momentum but as the DB was trying to leave, he grabbed and pulled his braids. The DB then advanced on him and other Steeler players stepped in. Munchak's actions looked...
  5. Re: Cooper buys team beats by dre headphones

    But high school and college boys, including my son, love them and that's what matters. Also, with the type music they are listening to, it probably doesn't matter about the quality as much as the...
  6. Game Thread AJ starting a Playoff Game - Bengals v Steelers

    I agree that some of the Bengals players are undisciplined and were out of control, particularly Burfict and Jones. The fact that the NFL had warned the officials to tightly call this game to keep it...
  7. Link: Re: Barry Alvarez Gives Lame Reason as to Why SEC Teams Pay Assistants More than B1G

    Barry's reasoning would be more valid to me if the amount of revenue generated by both athletic departments was the same. Then, he could argue that dividing the same amount of revenue amongst more...
  8. Re: Watch This LSU Fan's Reaction To Bama's 38-0 Win Against Michigan St

    All of his videos are hilarious. I subscribed to them after they lost to us. He has been calling for Les to be fired ever since. Said he would put $200 towards the buyout.

    After their lost to...
  9. News Article: Re: How much do you know about College Bowl Games?

    Got 17 right. Some of the questions were really tough. Felt like I was back in school.

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    Re: Derrick Henry on The Dan Patrick Show

    Totally enjoyed that interview. That's the most relaxed that I seen Derrick in any of the interviews. Dan Patrick is one of the best.

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  11. Re: Heisman finalists announced (HENRY WINS THE HEISMAN!)

    I disagree. I'm an NBA fan and as great as the streak has been, breaking it does not justify the coverage that it is getting tonight, especially for a season that is 82 games. I feel confident that...
  12. Game Thread Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Gators (SECCG)...

    In the words of James Mosley, "Rolleth". Great game. So proud of this team. Let's go get #16.

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  13. Re: Florida QB Treon Harris: “(Alabama) isn’t the best defense we played”

    Exactly., the stats are not on his side. The fact that UF was 0-11 on 3rd down conversions is an indication of how good our defense was and how foolish Treon sounds. Not to mention that Henry had...
  14. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Gators (SECCG)...

    Have the refs just decided to not call holding on UF in this game?

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  15. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    I realize that now. I guess my question should have been: why was it broadcast live on ESPN?

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