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  1. Re: OU linebacker belittles Henry == personal appearance/Heisman winner

    Guaranteed that Henry runs him over at least once.
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    Re: CFP TV Announcers Announced

    National title game? Keith Jackson and Eli Gold? I would just about pay for that!
  3. Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Mizzou - Game Thread - 2nd Half****

    Not to look ahead , but FSU in sugar?
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    Saban's trooper escort pic...

    Anyone know who this individual is? I ask because I have seen this same figure with Nick for years and wonder how it comes to be that one person is hired to be like his right hand security guard. ...
  5. Re: Wait! We have too..... FSU has too.... HUH?

    Sorry for the possible misuse of the word too. Back to the matter at hand.
  6. Re: Wait! We have too..... FSU has too.... HUH?

    I know it is always tougher for the SEC. Just bringing up the obvious different paths that teams take in their route too the national title game. I like our chances.
  7. Wait! We have to..... FSU has to.... HUH? (SOS discussion)

    We have too beat #4 barn and possibly #5 Missou in the SEC title game to advance to national title game

    FSU has too beat UF (who just lost to UGA southern), and beat a team ranked 20th or worse in...
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    Re: Saban's leap

    That was one perfect half of football. The lower the number of penalties and mistakes the happier he is. If we had squeaked out a win with penalties and mistakes, i think he would not have been as...
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    Burger or AJ, hmmmm?
  10. When you pass on to the afterlife, will you take Bama with you?

    I was wondering the other day, when I pass on if I will take a piece of Tide merchandise with me to the grave. I am still on the fence, should I feel bad that I am even saying that after being a...
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    Re: Georgia's New Anthem: "Dawg Bite"

    I think it is funny how all these schools have GIMMICKS every year *Cough Blackout Cough* but the same TRADITION has won 3 of 4 most recent national titles? Maybe there is nothing wrong with...
  12. Barner tattoo. There are no words but try.

    Toomer's Corner forever enshrined. I can only imagine what that will look like in 50 years.
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    Re: Johnny Manziel and the Aggies
  14. Re: AJ's a lucky guy - Katherine Webb on

    Sorry AJ, the way she was looking back at me in those photos confirms that she wants me.
  15. Re: Deadspin is saying Te'o's girlfriend's death was a hoax created for publicity

    Freaking classic!!
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