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    Re: Roc Thomas to Auburn

    Any possibility that Roc would consider a grayshirt. He has to know we are loaded at RB and it would only benefit him.:BigA::BigA::BigA:
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    Ronnie Clark Gonna pull the trigger soon?

    Pull that trigger Eddie! We want you and you can tell your kids and grandkids you played for Bama and Coach Nick Saban! Roll Tide !!!:BigA::):BigA:
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    Link: Re: Rolando McClain Arrested Again In Decatur

    Do y'all think Coach Saban will reach out to him?:BigA::BigA::BigA:
  4. Re: Sad day for all Sooners and college football fans

    I will pray for his family. I always liked him.:BigA:
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    Re: Lacy won't compete in combine drills

    Good Luck Eddie! I knew you were going to be really good. Keep your head straight.:BigA::):BigA:
  6. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    They repeatedly hit them in the head and kicked them. Two different incidences. That's repeating. These are the times they have been caught. And your OK with it being your Mom or Daughter?
  7. Re: deadline for loi for the remaining 2013 unsigned recruits

    Have some of our recruits not signed?:BigA::):BigA:
  8. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    If one of these kids had died from the blows to the head or been paralyzed by the kicks to the body would you consider them thugs then?:BigA:
  9. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    They should of course go to prison. They have laid their hands on people and beat them in such a way that they may have permanently been injured or killed them. They can just take a great sign of...
  10. Link: Re: Tennessee QB signee Riley Ferguson says he felt spurned by Alabama

    You go to the camps to learn to be a better player. I don't how many players attend our camps but I am sure it is an NCAA violation to sign them all. Attending camp is no guarantee of an...
  11. Re: Be Honest-After Shula Was Fired/Before Coach S Was Hired, Who Did You Want As Coa

    I wanted Saban but Thought Coach Moore was crazy in his pursuit. After that I wanted Spurrier and Butch Davis. I was happy when we got Rodriguez for a day. Glad now of course we didn't end up with...
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    Re: DL Eddie Vanderdoes...(7PM CT)

    Well good luck Eddie.:BigA::):BigA:
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    Re: Scout's recruiting rankings?

    When I looked a few minutes ago they did not have Tenpenny listed as a commit either. Although we have 10 players in the top 100 compared to 7 for Michigan not including Tenpenny and 5 5stars to...
  14. Link: Re: Reuben Foster ReCommits to Alabama

    How do I get too this site. I just want to read.:BigA::BigA::BigA:
  15. Link: Re: Reuben Foster ReCommits to Alabama

    I hear ya brother!:BigA::):BigA:
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