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  1. Re: "Do gooder" posts copy of their own receipt with tip

    I tip between 15-20% regardless of the service. If I get great service, it's worth the 15-20% and we go back often. If I get bad service -- I tip (usually closer to 15%), but I never go back.....I...
  2. Re: Ole Miss and Alabama Offense and Defense Stats

    If Ole Miss had played Bama's Schedule - what would their stats look like?
    If we played Ole Miss's Schedule - what would ours look like?

    I think that may be a better indicator of what those stats...
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    Re: Love affair with Texas A&M

    They've averaged less than 8 wins over the past 6 years --
    They've won more than 10 games 1 time since 1998.....
    They were 5th and 7th in the SEC the last two years with the Heisman Trophy...
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    Link: Re: College Majors that make the most money

    I read somewhere that the College Major that makes the most money at Ole Miss is General least for Bo Wallace, Nkemdiche, etc....
  5. Re: Former Bama player arrested in Tuscaloosa

    I wonder if he felt the need to sell the stuff to finish his dream of buying his Bentley -- ?
  6. Re: Basketball - Alabama Men's Basketball Team Visits Northington Elementary

    Did we win? Or, as usual, did we struggle to contain their inside game? ;)
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    Re: Our talent level

    this one is going to fall on the Defense's shoulders. Tall receivers -- we better be getting some pressure on "pretty boy" -- because if he plays "jump ball" with some of his receivers and we're in...
  8. Re: What we learned from each game this weekend

    I learned that the officials in the ACC won't let FSU lose. I learned that the SEC East was overrated at the start of the season. I learned that Arkansas won't be a pushover. I learned that Jim...
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    Re: Kansas fires Charlie Weis

    Do I get credit for this?
  10. Link: Re: Schools Got Early Warnings About Abusive Teacher

    I think castration with a carving knife and some vice grip pliers is definitely in order here....

    But, hey, we can use the lib method. We can rehabilitate him, give him a sponsored pot program...
  11. Re: Couple thrown off bus in UK for singing Peppa Pig song - offensive to Muslims

    It may come down to a flip.....heads or tails......they lose.
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    Re: Introducing New Member: TrueCrimson7

    We always run a corndog and barner smell test......we'll get back to you with the results as soon as possible.....
  13. Link: Re: Regarding the term for teams that snatch defeat Fein the jaws of victory
  14. Re: Going to the doctor today. Pray they find out what's going on.

    Sweet news -- no vitamin T in beer -- just so you know....
  15. Re: Malzahn Whines About Refs Slowing Pace in KSU Win

    I think the game you are looking for is futbol, aka soccer. Please leave our game alone
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