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  1. Re: FSU Will Wear New Uniforms & Has A Redesigned Logo

    Coach Bryant did have two different color helmets in a few games and the NCAA passed a rule quickly outlawing it. I saw a couple of the games myself. We worn solid white a lot then but I always liked...
  2. Link: Re: Dutch speedskating coach: US football 'sucks'

    You have to excuse that guy, probably sleeps with his ice skates. I had to get involved with soccer to like it in fact I was a center ref of the first complete game I ever saw, LOL. I went on to do...
  3. Re: Books That Will Never Be Written

    My Cheating Ways! The Truth! - Cam Newton

    How to Grow the Best Stadium Grass - Les Miles

    How a Wimp can act tough - Justin Bieber

    Safe Sex - Bill Clinton
  4. Re: Mississippi State's Renovation of Davis Wade Stadium Expected to be Completed by

    I used to kid some State friends of mine... "How do you guys do the wave? Do you run out a couple of guys in the north/south fields to keep it going?" I'll come up with something else.
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    Question: Re: Tennessee game replay online?

    ...I watched the game on-line at are just showing high-lights now tho
  6. Re: Could you see the Iron Bowl back in Birmingham one day?

    I'm old enough to remember Legion Field at a good time and in a good location. My high school (Phillips High) played all of its home games there, the homes from the field to Birmingham Southern was...
  7. Re: BAMA-LSU at same time as niece's 30th birthday party.... What would you do?

    Don't go. Your niece going to be P.O.'d at you anyway for posting on a public board she was turning 30.
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    Re: Any late words or thoughts on Ha Ha?

    Heard we will learn something this Thursday
  9. Re: When I Get Too Excited Or Mad Watching Bama On TV, My Wife Will Say At Least Once

    Mom used to say, "Good grief, the other team needs to win sometimes too!"
  10. Link: Re: Luther Davis han an axe to grind with UA, forged Fluker's name?

    Add me to this...
  11. Re: Which SEC team other than BAMA looked the best/worst this weekend to you fans?

    From what I watched LSU was the better, not blown away by them tho. Wash State and Miss State the worst.
  12. Link: Re: Time: "It's time to pay college athletes."

    Paying a player is not what is wanted, from what I read the press is pushing for a football player to get a cut of the action. The agents and sports lawyers are salivating hoping this will happen....
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    Re: ****Official Game Thread Bama vs. VaTech***

    Offense has no where to go but up
  14. Re: Why is there Barn advertisements on our board?

    If you visit their board it might be picking up a trend from that. Mine is showing a Nu-Wave oven I was looking at on Amazon last week.
  15. Re: Who will admit to listening to Finebaum and what did you think?

    I listened for a bit but he was cut off from the station back to an ESPN show. I cannot take his regular callers, why he does that I'll never know, it takes so much from his show and throws it in the...
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