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  1. Re: How do you feel about the Sugar Bowl loss?

    You folks are aware of my unhappiness with Bob Stoops. I sold my season tickets and didn't attend one Sooner game for the first time since 1977. I have to decide soon if I'll sell the again this...
  2. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    I hope they look to change college football's goofy overtime rules. If you want to limit plays, that's a good place to start
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    Re: Proposed 10 second rule change shelved.

    Sorry for the disrespect folks. That's not who we are.
    For the record. I know we didn't get Bama's "A" game that night. If the Tide and OU had played in the NC game I know the game would have looked...
  4. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    This is a tough one for me, I'm old school. I attended my first OU game in 1963 with my dad. Bud Wilkinson was still on the sidelines. I loved our philosophy in the 70's, we're going to run, you try...
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    Re: ESPN 103.3 in Dallas take on :10 rule

    I've been telling you folks for years the Longhorn mentality is scary at best.
    As far as the thought that OU beat Bama by going at them aggressively, I think most Sooner fans knew Bama wasn't fired...
  6. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    Fair enough, I hadn't heard about it until just the last few months.
  7. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    I feel like I'm among friends here, so I will offer the opinion of a fan of a team that does use the hurry up. Hell yes it's run to gain an advantage. If I don't have a team that matches up...
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    After a day to think about it

    I have no idea how a team can look so clueless against Texas and Baylor, yet find a way to pull it together against the best team in college football. Bama brings out the best in Sooner football is...
  9. Re: Being on the same field with Bama was an honor

    I wish I could tell you why Knight struggled early in the year. He was named the starter for the opener, aand just played like a nervous freshman. His ability was never questioned. Blake bell was a...
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    Re: Congrats to OU

    While being very happy at the Sooners performance last night, I can't help but feel like we didn't get the best Bama had to offer. We can all talk about how you have to regroup and battle back after...
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    Re: On a positive note! Henry !

    I immediately thought of a Sooner back that Henry reminded me of. Marcus Dupree.
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    Re: run the football

    Henry reminded me of a Sooner back that I've always thought of as the best I've ever seen. Marcus Dupree.
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    Re: ****Bama Vs. OU Postgame Thread****

    The Sooners couldn't tackle Henry. I don't understand why he didn't get the ball every play.
  14. Being on the same field with Bama was an honor

    I am just a fan, I'm not a coach. I can't explain this performance. Proud of my Sooners, proud to call many of you on Tidefans my friend. Bama is class, players, coaches, and fans. All I would ask is...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. OU - 2nd Half***

    Nine minutes left. I don't trust our defense. Seriously
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