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    Re: 2015 Senior Bowl Thread

    I never knew Sims weighed that much (223 lbs). Surely that wasn't his playing weight.(?) With his quickness and speed, he might make some team a pretty good RB.
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    Re: Ohio St fans' letter praising Bama fans

    It's great that our fan base at the game acted with class and dignity, but I sure wish we had won so that we could see if their fan base acted the same way.
  3. Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    Yep, I believe you are right. Thanks.
  4. Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    Who was the coach who was (almost) literally thrown out of either UT or Auburn a few years back? There were some videos on here of him hastily packing the trunk of his car. I keep thinking that was...
  5. Re: Appears Jarran Reed is Going Pro

    I'm sure he would make the Raiders better.
  6. Question: Re: If we had an "elite" QB would Saban "turn him loose"?

    In the thread title question, I'd kinda like to replace the "QB" with "OC". Kiffin sure can get conservative at seemingly the worst times. And I think that's one thing that got us beat in the Sugar...
  7. Link: Re: Reuben Foster: 'I've Got to Keep My Head Up'

    I just hope he learns the defense well enough to nail down the MLB position permanently. He looked a little shaky calling the defensive signals while DePriest was out.
  8. Re: Something to think about for next season

    You know what? That could be a good move, considering the fact that he hasn't work out real well as a blocking TE. Maybe CNS will catch on to that possibility.
  9. Re: Which young player or players are you most excited to see next year?

    Anybody who can knock down a dad-gum pass.
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    Re: Some late-night post-mortems...

    Also, I think we need some of Wisconsin's mentality at the RB position. Wisky's Gordon had something in the neighborhood of 35 carries for 250 yds against *U. I've never liked subbing out the RBs...
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    Re: OSU fans "violated" the statues....

    This should make great bulletin board material. I hope the players see it.
  12. Re: Biggest Concern vs. OSU? / Mine of Alabama.

    My biggest concern is whether or not Blake Sims comes out too nervous and over-excited to start the game. He tends to under-throw or over-throw a lot of balls early with a pick here and there. If he...
  13. Re: Michael Dyer, academically ineligible for the bowl game

    He could probably go to 10RC where he might pass the chair stacking course.
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    Re: OSU Analysis Thread...

    I haven't read any of their boards, but from what you are describing, if you change the teams. it's like reading ITAT.
  15. Re: Bama offers 2014 QB Jarrett Stidham

    I'm pretty sure I saw on the crawl across the TV screen on ESPN that he did commit to Baylor
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