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  1. Re: Let's discuss Bama's 2014 quarterback situation.

    Based on what has been done in Coach Saban's tenure, regardless of who the OC is, we will continue to be a balanced offense. Therefore, I can't see us changing our offensive philosophy with Blake...
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    Re: McCarron in the NFL

    It will be interesting to see what AJ does at the Senior Bowl and the combine, and what events he will even participate in at the combine. Personally, he seems like a Matt Ryan clone. Their arm...
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    Re: The Importance Of The Iron Bowl

    I didn't see a team that lost its competitive fire, I saw a team that played tight all game. Sometimes it's hard to accept defeat or make sense of it, but the simple fact is we lost to a good team...
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    Re: SEC Clarifies Rule on AU Touchdown Pass

    They tried to run the same play in the 1st half where Marshall clearly wanted to throw but Jones had Coats covered and the linebackers were able to pull down Marshall for a loss. This play however...
  5. Link: Re: Wasn't sure on AJ for Heisman until I read this article

    Unfortunately, McCarron will not win the Heisman this year because there are still so many in the media that see him as a "game manager." Instead it will be Winston, who has great numbers and has...
  6. Re: 3 Way tie a real possibility in the SEC East

    Does the fact that Missouri would only have one divisional loss not matter assuming they split between Ole Miss and A&M? I thought it did, but maybe divisional games don't matter.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. LSU PostGame Thread****

    In my mind, this was the most satisfying regular season win we've had since the 2010 Florida game. Complete domination in the 2nd half of the game.
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    Re: Les Miles likes their matchups

    I tend to agree with Miles that they have an advantage with their receivers over our corners. Landry and Beckham are very talented. However, I like our match-up at just about every other position. ...
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    Re: How good is Auburn?

    Auburn is getting better every week. However, Tennessee and Georgia will be tough outs for them and I think they drop one of those games, especially if Gurley is back for UGA. This Auburn team...
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    Re: Kenyan Drake fumble at goal line

    Coffee, Ingram and Richardson all tucked the ball up high and hardly ever fumbled (I have blocked from memory Ingram's fumble agains Auburn). I don't see Drake or Yeldon carry the ball this way. I...
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    Re: 2014 SEC Schedule Coming Out Today

    I really don't understand the logic that goes in to creating the SEC schedule. We played Florida in 2010 and 2011, but haven't played Georgia since '08 and South Carolina since '10 in the regular...
  12. Re: 2014 NFL Draft Pre-Season Breakdown: AJ, CJ and Cyrus

    I know less than nothing about evaluating NFL quarterbacks, but this analysis just seems to competely undervalue McCarron's ability. I agree that McCarron has a better supporting cast around him...
  13. Link: Re: NCAA gone wild: Punishes athlete for washing car with university hose and water

    Based on the article, the NCAA didn't even consider it a violation. As tempting as it is given their past mishandlings, it probably isn't fair to pile-on the NCAA for this one.
  14. Link: View Post

    I completely agree with this sentiment. It is still mind boggling to me this guy was an NFL head coach. Regardless that it was with the hapless Raiders, he was an NFL head coach.
  15. Re: If you're AJ, do you re-evaluate your draft status?

    I think I've said this before in regards to McCarron, but when I watch him I see alot of Matt Ryan in him. Ryan doesn't have the biggest arm and he wasn't thought to coming out of BC. Ryan was the...
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