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  1. Re: SEC Releases Rotating Opponents for 2014-2025 Seasons

    I would expect another conference realignment to make this useless within 2-3 years.
  2. Re: In the "Not So Fast My Friends" Jameis Winston Title IX Edition

    I'll say this: my take away from the NYT article that came out - at least as it applies to TPD - is not that Winston got away with it because he was a popular athlete. I took the article to...
  3. News Article: Re: Former NFL Scout on Alabama's AJ McCarron: 'He's Going to be a Backup in the NFL'

    Is it proper to ask why he is not a current NFL scout?
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    Re: Reviewing the LSU and Auburn Game films....

    I don't disagree with the overall point - but if you were to go back before the beginning of the 2013 season, you would circle LSU and say "That's the game where the West will be won". It turned out...
  5. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    Aussie Rules is a completely different game than rugby or football. In Aussie rules there is no offsides, you score by kicking and not running the ball over an end line, and you have to do something...
  6. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    The US Men's Rugby Team has a Rugby World Cup qualifier vs. Uruguay at Kennesaw State this Saturday. It's probably the most important game of the cycle for the US for qualifying for the 2015 RWC. ...
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    Question: Re: Any "House of Cards" Fans on Here?

    The girlfriend and I are almost to the end of season 2. I've quite enjoyed season 2 - and the first episode was the first time in a long time a TV show was jaw dropping.
  8. Re: What would you consider a "success" for the 2014 season?

    IMO - at our talent level, success is a championship. There's a lot below there that falls in to the "acceptable" range, but success really does need to be measured in trophies.
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    Question: Re: How can Blake Sims be used?

    If anyone thinks Coker has already won the position, I don't think they understand the way Nick Saban works...

    That said, I'd put it at 80/20 that Coker is the starter midway through the season....
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    Re: Auburn and Pearl - (Please keep it Civil!)

    Of course he did.

    of course they did.
  11. Re: The Philosophy of "Time Outs" and Basketball Smarts on the Court

    I'm late to this party, but I'll add this:

    To switch to another sport I'm a fan of, I am of soccer, and more specifically Arsenal. I read an article once about Theo Walcott's development where he...
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    Re: Changing the Extra Point

    I quite like the rugby conversion, you can kick the conversion from whatever distance you like, but the spot is pulled straight back from where the TD is scores. Dive for the pylon? Good for you,...
  13. Question: Re: Religious Freedom or Discrimination? How do you see the controversial AZ bill?

    I think a bit of common sense from all sides is in order. As a customer, if a business doesn't want my money I go somewhere else. Maybe that's inherently easier for me because I'm a middle class...
  14. Re: FA Cup 5th Round - Manchester City 2 Chelsea 0

    I realize I'm late to this party, but anything that makes Mourinho unhappy puts a big smile on my face... I can't say the same for Nasri. My thoughts on him will get me banned.
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    I know, this is completely ridiculous - there's no way Ole Miss has physics classes
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