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  1. Link: Re: No big name team wants to play Auburn in 2018-2019

    Why should BIG name teams go play in the backwoods of Lee County? Do BIG name teams even know Auburn is in Alabama, or do they jut assume so? This is definitely a slight at Auburn ego that nobody...
  2. Re: New Alabama secondary coach Mel Tucker knows the expectations in Tuscaloosa

    I'll talk a wait and see approach to what Mel Tucker is selling, if you don't mind.

    grumble, grumble, angrybearsfan, grumble, grumble.....
  3. Re: What European country is your perfect fit?

    I got Irish/Scottish blood in me, so naturally I, too, got UK. Maybe that's why I love Doctor Who? Hmmm.....Well maybe not the only reason.
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?
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    Re: 9 Dead in a biker gun fight in Waco

    Bandido's (Hell's Angel level gang) and Cossacks are supposed two of the groups involved in this.

    I recently learned that there is a Bandido's charter located in Central Alabama (I believe...
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    9 Dead in a biker gun fight in Waco

    9 are dead in a biker gang gunfight in Waco Texas.
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    Re: Eddie Lacy is an Avenger

    "Moar" like the Great Lakes Avengers.

    I keed, I keed.
  8. Link: Re: Another Alabama teacher sleeping with students

    And there are plenty of guys who are willing to share the "tickle pickle" with her.
  9. Link: Re: Another Alabama teacher sleeping with students

    I think you misspelled statutory rape wrong. (Note: I don't care if the kid is of "consent age", kids under 18 or 21 really shouldn't be engage in that type of behavior, but I know it happens. Be out...
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    He got busted before they began filming. Wouldn't surprise me that Gabriel gets killed off very quickly in the first episode of the new season.
  11. Re: Texas & Baylor Assistants have Twitter girl fight over Bryce Petty

    I found exclusive footage of this fight:
  12. Re: National Guard guards Seals and Green Berets in Texas...

    I was waiting for the writer to say "Bazinga."

    This article felt like I was something out of "The Onion", it didn't feel real. If this true, holy snikes. Lunatic governor .v. spineless president,...
  13. Re: Undrafted Free Agent Signings for SEC Players & Players of Note

    DePriest to Baltimore.
  14. Re: The everlasting powerful / memorable / funny movie quote thread...

    When talking to stupid people, this quote races to the front of my brain:
  15. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    Exceptions can be made.
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