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    Re: Mal Moore passes

    RIP Coach Moore, my thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family.
  2. Re: How Many Bama National Titles In Your Lifetime?(And Pick Your Favorite)

    Unfortunately I've only been alive long enough to witness 4 of them. ('92, '09, '11, '12) For me, the best game is a tie between 2011 and 2012. I loved the victory over LSU in 2011, but two of the...
  3. Re: Amazon has already Crowned Alabama National Champions!!!!

    Looks as though they can tell the future.
  4. Re: Gary Danielson - Bama in danger of losing 4 or 5 times this year.

    Usually in order to lose something you had to have it to begin with, that man has never had credibility. CBS as a whole in terms of College Football is pretty terrible.
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    Re: Predict Bama's First Offensive Play of 2012

    I'll go with a PA Pass to Williams for a first down.
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    Re: UA - Creighton Postgame Thread...

    Calling a timeout after we inbound the ball at the 4.7 mark and waste 2 seconds on the clock is a coaching mishap. It isn't what lost us the game though, we had so many chances to win this game, we...
  7. Re: Have you heard about the new lsu BCSCG commemorative credit card?

    Lmao, that's hilarious.
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    Re: Bama/USC postgame thread...

    I don't know what the problem is, we just looked out of sync on offense even on defense at times. I believe USC got more offensive rebounds than we did defensive rebounds, hard to win a game doing...
  9. Re: How many National Championships has the Crimson Tide won in your life?

    Welp, now they have won three.

  10. Re: What makes LSU so tough...and how do you beat them?

    Well the easiest way I know to beat them would have to do with us not beating ourselves like we did in the first game against them.
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    Re: My Guess at Who Goes to the BCS Bowls

    You wouldn't want to watch the Alabama vs LSU game? :conf2:
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    Game Thread Re: Okie State vs. Iowa State

    Wow, I just seen this on one of my friends facebook updates. Had to wake up my parents to tell them, this is amazing news, I'll sleep like a baby tonight. We definitely deserve a shot at that...
  13. Re: ****Official Postgame Thread - Bama vs. LSU****

    What a terrible game. I can take a loss.. fine, but to lose like that makes me sick. Purely out coached in this game.
  14. Re: Coach Saban Gives a Fan a Free Jersey During "Hey Coach"

    That's outstanding.
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    Question: Re: Is this the best D in memory?

    Same for me.. I was only 4 years old in '92.
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