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    Re: ***Official ALABAMA LOI Received Thread***

    Gene Chizik seems to be a much better announcer than he was a coach. I wonder who told him to get rid of the chewing gum.
  2. Link: Re: Reuben Foster Says He Will Only Visit 3 Schools

    I'm told word around Atlanta is he is Bama bound. Supposedly his decision was taped earlier in the day from an Atlanta studio and is beginning to leak. Will see soon.
  3. Re: The "Stare Down" Was A Huge ND Pre-Game Mistake In My Opinion

    To tell you what I thought when Alabama was going past the Notre Dame players, It looked like we were really taking our time. Our players were happy, skipping, strutting, a few at a time and it...
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    Link: Re: ESPN 30 for 30: You don't know Bo

    Do you think
    Bo knows who the bagman is?
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    Re: Where to watch the BCSNCG in St Louis

    Sorry, I don't have a clue where to watch the game, but if you love a great big wonderful unusual breakfast, go to Rooster.
  6. Re: The Strip moments after the 2012 SEC Championship (Photos)

    Loved the pictures. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Alabama Women's Golf Team--National Champions

    Joining the Alabama Football Team and Women's Gymnastics, the Women's Golf Team just won their first ever NCAA national championship. The mens golf team will play in their national championship...
  8. News Article: Re: Deandrew White Hospitalized After Fight on The Strip

    Thursday evening started the weekend in Tuscaloosa even way back in the 70's when I had the time of my life there.
  9. News Article: Re: Chris Samuels to join staff as Offensive Line Grad Assistant

    Great to have Chris Samuels, and his fabulous smile,:smile: back in Tuscaloosa.
  10. Re: Rivals: The Cream Rose and The Sludge is Still Sinking.

    I heard a 4 star decommitted today and that the barn has less verbal committments than any other SEC team. But, I hear that they will be signing all of the remaining super stars.
  11. Re: Eddie Goldman - recent news?

    It's much better to be in a position to "Want" rather than "Need".
  12. Re: All I'm hearing in New Orleans is we're "Tiger Bait"

    Love that picture. It reminds me of an Alabama/LSU game that I attended in the late 70's. All of the LSU female fans were very stocky and a bit masculine in shape. By that I mean muscular. They...
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    Re: LSU Banner Ads

    Mine are Academy with all Bama merchandise. Roll Tide! My computer knows who I'm cheering for!
  14. Re: It is Christmas Night and the Mods are not watching

    Since on one is watching, except WMack, I heard tonight that the barn fans now admit that they are disgusting and a bad football team. Merry Christmas to all and Roll Tide Roll.
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    Re: Looking for N.O. restaurant ideas

    Don't miss Central Grocery for a mulfaletta. Last summer when we were there, we ate at several fabulous restaurants including a great French Bakery, I can't remember the name. But, the one place I...
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