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    Re: The Duggar story

    I think the Duggars are vile and disgusting humans, knowing this was going on and merely praying and forgiving. I'm sorry, but that is not enough. Josh Duggar should have been prosecuted, not...
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    I thought he had enrolled at FSU? Oh wait, that was Evertte Golson. My bad.
  3. Re: Any Game of Thrones TV Show watchers or Book readers out there?

    SPOILERS AHEAD. If you are caught up on the TV Show, no biggie.

    Soooo, I actually was only half way done with Book 4, not 5, and finished it today. The reason 4 & 5 seem soooooo long is they are...
  4. Any Game of Thrones TV Show watchers or Book readers out there?

    I need people to discuss this series with! I watch the TV show and I am a book reader and am maybe half way through Book 5, which is the current season. Lots of differences but I am enjoying...
  5. Re: Notre Dame's Everett Golson considering transfer to LSU

    What is there to negotiate in college football?! Hmmmmm.
  6. Re: Season ticket wait list (getting closer...)

    At this rate, my grandkids may never get in. :(
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    Re: Eddie Lacy is an Avenger

    Those videos are awesome!!
  8. Re: Landon Collins - where do you think he will go?

    Yeah, I really started to dislike the NFL as a business last night. The Broncos drafted a guy who was JUST arrested last week for drug possession--although he will fit in WELL now that he is in a...
  9. Link: Re: Will Alabama Match Past Success in Tonight's NFL Draft? Check Out the Numbers

    Every mock I have seen has Amari at #4 to the Raiders. They all have LC in the first round, too. As per usual, though, draft night can take some crazy twists and turns. Who all should we be...
  10. Re: Diary of a Draftee's Mom: April Justin on Her Baby, Landon Collins

    Again, she is begging the spotlight be on her. She is a despicable human. I hope Landon sees this. I know she is his mother, but Lawd Hammercy!! That woman is CRAZY.
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    Re: Man in Florida Kisses Cottonmouth

    I know someone who knows this guy! She went to HS with his parents and said he had a horrible childhood and lost his mom last year. Has always been fascinated with snakes. She posted an update...
  12. Link: Re: Former Nebraska RB Lawrence Phillips suspected of killing cellmate in prison

    Not this murder. There were TWO inmate murders and they are looking to see if there is a connection between the two deaths, like if Lawrence Phillips and this other inmate murdered these two for...
  13. Re: Luke Del Rio Transferring from Oregon State

  14. Re: Luke Del Rio Transferring from Oregon State

    I thought he was the coaches kid that just came here to "learn" how to be a coach?
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    Re: The Walking Dead

    AGREE!! Saw this on their facebook page:

    So ready for next Sunday! Eeeeek!!
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